About ProxyScrape


A little about ProxyScrape and the background


We here at ProxyScrape work tirelessly (beep-boop) to provide you with consistent, reliable, easy-access HTTP and Socks proxies from all over the globe. We run a constant system to make sure you're never without fresh proxies! The proxies are public; you can use them however you wish. We believed there was a severe lack of reliable, clean sources of proxies; hence, ProxyScrape was born. We know there are many other sources out there, so we've gone ahead and done the work for you! All you need to do is click on the buttons, and you will download proxies that have been scraped from many sources. When you download the checked proxy source, you download proxies that were already verified to be working when they were uploaded. Make sure to check proxies again with your preferred timeout using your own proxy checker. This site is constantly and automatically updated from our very own custom-made proxy system. Our proxy checker checks proxies with 800+ threads and a proxy timeout of 10 seconds. In the backend, we use a python proxy checker and a python proxy scraper with over 86+ proxy sources. Keep checking back if you ever need any more proxies. Feel free to share and to tell your friends about ProxyScrape!