Proxies are safe, but must be used with caution!


Because some public proxies might be infected.


By: ProxyScrape Jul. 08, 2019

What are Proxies?

A proxy is a middle man between the client and the end-destination which allows computers to have an indirect connection. Users utilize proxies for multiple reasons:

  • Share internet connection in a local network to save bandwidth and cache often visited resources.
  • Block network users from visiting illegal websites.
  • Bypass restrictions to access blocked websites that are blocked by their ISP or company network.

Advantages of Proxies.

They replace your IP address, therefore preventing the receiver from logging your real IP and tracking you. Since your IP gets replaced with the proxy IP address, when using a proxy from a specific country you can access content that is restricted to that particular country or region. Proxies can also be used to filter out malicious content before it hits your computer and keeping your device safe.

Disadvantages of Proxies.

People say that everything positive also has a negative side. This also counts for proxies. The same filter used to filter out malicious content can also be used to block you from accessing your favorite websites or for censorship like the Great Firewall of China. Free proxies might also be packed with trackers or malicious javascript that gets injected in every website you visit, for example, crypto miners. Further incompatibility issue may arise, Socks5 is your best choice because it supports the UDP and TCP protocol and also has the system in place for handshake authentication.

Public Proxies: are they safe?

Public proxies are available everywhere on the web for free, and unless you know what you are doing this proxy is unsafe and should be used for regular browsing. The majority of the proxies are set up by government agencies and hackers to tap people's data. However, people still utilize public proxies since they are free to use. One of the disadvantages of public proxies is that they go offline quickly. Also, finding a secure, useful, and an uncompromised public proxy is a daunting task.

Public Proxy Hacking Explained

Proxy hacking is a process of editing the original webpage. Usually, this is achieved by a javascript that gets added to the website's original code before it gets displayed to the user. Most of the time, the motive behind such an attack is to steal the user's vital information, to make money or redirect to other malicious sites. The bad actors that are responsible for the harmful content achieve this by running a proxy on a public server or botnet and automatically logging and editing the incoming and outgoing requests. The malicious content on the proxy cannot be removed but can be reduced by lessening network connections from public proxies that are used mostly to carry out illegal activities online.

Private Proxies are safe (most of the time).

Private proxies are safe most of the time because they are sold by big companies that want to stay reputable therefor are private proxies one of the best proxies to enhance internet security. An individual or very few people use them at the same time. Private proxies have several advantages:

  • It enables you to use your internet speed at the maximal level because there are few people on the server. Hence all the speed can be dedicated to you.
  • It serves well at protecting your data and your original IP to will not be exposed to the end-destination as some HTTP proxies do.

Consequently, someone can surf online without fear of hackers. Also, one can manage and transact finances securely on online financial accounts like PayPal. Apart from that, an individual can prevent its internet service provider from keeping track and recording its web history, and other individuals will have a hard time gaining access to your personal information and real IP address. Because proxies don't show your real IP address, it prevents intruders from directly accessing the user's internet connectivity. Considering the benefits that come along with private proxies, no doubt its worth using for internet use security.

End conclusion.

In a nutshell, there are several advantages of using proxies as a middleman between users and the open internet. However, when using public proxies, you might not always be as safe as you think, malicious actors can edit your requests and steal your data. This does not mean that there aren't any safe public proxies, but most of them aren't safe to use. If you care about security and aren't tight on budget, private proxies are the way to go. You will be able the surf the web without needing to worry about if some malicious actor has infected your proxy.