ProxyScrape - Captcha Solver Beta

Captcha Solver - Beta

We express our sincerest gratitude for your overwhelming interest in our Captcha Solver. Remarkably, we have had 1000 registrations for our free trial within a 24-hour timeframe!

Our team is excited to announce that we are now accepting deposits for our eagerly anticipated Captcha solver. This will allow you to enjoy our Captcha solving service at an appreciable discount upon its release.

To ensure your satisfaction, all PayPal & Credit card deposits will be fully refundable up to 7 days post the beta release, given less than $5 of the credits are used. For other payment methods, an exchange can be made for any of our other services up to 7 days after the release. Refunds are guaranteed for all payment methods should we fail to launch our Captcha solver within 30 days of receiving payment.

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Supported Captchas

Service Average Speed Beta Pricing
< 5S
$0.65 /1000 requests
< 10S
$0.55 /1000 requests
< 3S
$0.65 /1000 requests
reCAPTCHA v2 Enterprise
< 10S
$0.65 /1000 requests
reCAPTCHA v3 Enterprise
< 10S
$1.95 /1000 requests
< 5S
$1.30 /1000 requests
Cloudflare Turnstile
< 6S
$5 /1000 requests

Deposit amount: $5

Making a deposit will allow you to use our Captcha solver when we release it at the above beta-pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions & Notes

For our beta-test release we plan to support Recaptcha v2 & v3, Hcaptcha, FunCaptcha, and Cloudflare turnstile.
The pricing of the full release after the beta still has to be decided on.
This depends on how much interest there is for the product. If there is enough interest we will release it within 1-2 weeks.