Here we answer our most frequently asked questions

A proxy may add an extra layer of protection but this still doesn't mean you're 100% safe. The proxies we provide are public proxies, this means the proxy may be infected.
These proxies are public and you can use them for anything you want but some of the proxies can be banned on the services you want to use.
We don't know, if the bandwidth of the proxy is exceeded the proxy will probably die.
The timeout can be anything from 50ms up to 100 seconds, but we check our proxy list with 10 seconds timeout.
Yes you can use a proxy scraper to download the proxy list, as long as you don't harm our website we don't care.
The free proxy list is updated every 15-20 minutes.
We make money from donations and advertisements, all the money goes to paying our servers and hiring developers to improve and create new services.
No we don't sell any proxies, but for paid proxies we suggest rSocks and ProxyRack.