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Oct-04-20235 mins read

The best Captcha solving service in 2024

Capsolver is a captcha solving service that provides 100% AI and machine learning solutions. Capsolver offer services including reCAPTCHA (v2/v3/Enterprise), FunCaptcha, DataDome, Anti-bot Solution, hCaptcha (Normal/Enterprise), GeeTest V3, Imperva/Incapsula, AWS Captcha, CyberSiara, Akamai Web / Bmp, Cloudflare Turnstile / Challenge 5s, ImageToText (Image Captcha) & more. Capsolver pricing is based on a “pay per usage”

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Jan-01-20235 mins read

Private Proxies for Beginners- An Important Guide In 2024

Whether you are a business owner, a torrent user, an SEO person, or a social media marketer, you can undoubtedly benefit from proxies. These days, proxies are of utmost importance because they allow users to perform tasks that are otherwise impossible. Proxies can help you bypass various restrictions, such as censorship and geo-based restrictions. However

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Jan-01-20235 mins read

Crucial To Know On Sticky vs Rotating Sessions Proxy In 2024

Sticky vs Rotating Sessions Proxy: Which Is Best? “Proxy server” is one of the most used terms in the cyber security sectors. But what is it actually? A proxy server is an intermediary server that sits between you (the client) and the target server (the server you are trying to access). Usually, without any proxy

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