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Fast static datacenter proxies

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The best premium proxies, at scale

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited concurrent connections
  • Up to 50 000 HTTP/s datacenter proxies
  • Whitelist up to 3 IPs with the datacenter proxies (upgrades available)
  • Amazing shared datacenter proxies that always work

Why & when to
choose premium proxies

We want you to make the perfect proxy choice, so we have listed a few scenarios when ProxyScrape premium could be the ideal fit for you:

  • You need a lot of fast proxies, at a reasonable price.
  • The activities you perform consume a lot of internet traffic.
  • Many proxies are required to stay unblocked from your target
  • You need datacenter proxies
There are a lot more scenarios when premium proxies might be a perfect choice for you. Please don't hesitate to contact the support.

Does this sound like something you need? Take a look at our pricing.

uptime monitoring

24/7 uptime monitoring

Even our robust datacenter proxy network experiences minor problems from time to time. Therefore ProxyScrape has an amazing monitoring team on stand-by that solves any network problem that may happen to ensure you get the best possible proxy quality 24/7. We maintain our proxies to support small and big projects alike!

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Let's take a look what alternatives to ProxyScrape premium have to offer, so you make the perfect choice!

ProxyScrape logo Webshare logo Proxyrack logo
1000 proxies price $24 $26.91 Not available (minimum 20 000 proxies)
Largest available package 50 000 proxies 60 000 proxies 20 000 proxies
Unlimited bandwidth Yes - free of charge Starting from $107.64 Yes - free of charge
Maximum concurrent connections Unlimited 500 (upgrades available) 100 (upgrades available)
IP authentication slots 3 (upgrades available) 1 (upgrades available) 50
Support Live chat & email Email Email

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ProxyScrape support

Outstanding support

To help you with any product-related questions you might have, ProxyScrape provides live chat support from Sunday to Friday, 24 hours a day. Outside the working hours, you can reach out to us via email, to which we will reply within 24 hours with a follow-up.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!

ProxyScrape support

Quick recap;
The cool things you will get:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited concurrent connections
  • Up to 50 000 HTTP/s datacenter proxies
  • Whitelist up to 3 IPs with the datacenter proxies (upgrades available)
  • Amazing shared datacenter proxies that always work
  • An easy to use dashboard to manage your proxies
  • Outstanding support that's ready to help you

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good proxies
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ProxyScrape Premium - Frequently Asked Questions

Premium proxies are shared datacenter proxies located all across the globe.
No, our premium proxies do not support username:password authentication. This is because we bill depending on the amount of authenticated devices.
The premium proxy list does not refresh. If your proxies get banned too quickly, it is recommended to buy a bigger package. For very sensitive websites, we recommend using rotating residential proxies instead.
No, our premium proxies are static datacenter proxies. If you are looking for rotating proxies, please take a look at our residential proxies.
If a proxy gets banned on your target website, you will be unable to use it for that website for the duration of the ban. We recommend you buy enough proxies to keep your activities running smoothly and account for bans.
Our premium subscriptions do not contain any dead proxies. If some proxies are marked as offline, you can be sure our 24/7 monitoring team is working on getting them back online as soon as possible. If you are experiencing issues with the proxies for a long duration, please feel free to contact our support team
The average response time for our proxies is 375ms.
Premium proxies are the best proxies if you need a lot of fast, stable proxies to scrape websites that don't quickly ban.
You can only change your proxy list by upgrading your account. If your proxies are not working correctly from the start, we recommend you contact our support as soon as possible so we can troubleshoot the issue. We might suggest replacing your package with another proxy type free of charge. If your proxies are banned because you actively used them, we do not provide any proxy changes and recommend upgrading your account to a bigger package to prevent bans.
All the proxies on our website are IPv4. At the moment, we do not have any plans to support IPv6.
No, at the moment, we do not have city-specific proxies. If you are looking for city-specific proxies, please let our support know so we can add it to our future roadmap.
No, we do not renew subscriptions automatically. You will have to do it manually via the dashboard. However, it is on our roadmap to make auto-renewals possible.
No, we do not provide software to use the proxies on, and users should have their software ready to use before buying the proxies. If you are looking for a proxy checker to test our proxies with on your device, we recommend Unfx Proxy checker.
Yes, we provide an API to download your proxy list & authenticate your IPs. Take a look at our API documentation.

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