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Avoid restrictions, suspensions, and blocks with 10M+ back-connect rotating IP addresses all around the world. Each time you connect to our endpoint, our network will assign you a random proxy, within the desired country you selected.

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Country, state and city targeting

Sometimes you simply do not have the time to check through an extensive list of options. Our user-friendly proxy selection option makes the process easy for you. It allows you to filter the various options according to country, state, city, etc.

Get residential proxies
curl -x -U "customer-USER:PASS"
import requests          
username = "customer-USER"
password = "PASS"
proxy = ""

proxies = {
  'http': f'http://{username}:{password}@{proxy}',
  'https': f'http://{username}:{password}@{proxy}'

response = requests.request(

import fetch from 'node-fetch';
import createHttpsProxyAgent from 'https-proxy-agent'

const username = 'customer-USER';
const password = 'PASS';
const proxy = ''

const agent = createHttpsProxyAgent(

const response = await fetch('', {
  method: 'get',
  agent: agent,

console.log(await response.text());

$username = 'customer-USER';
$password = 'PASS';
$proxy = '';

$query = curl_init('');

curl_setopt($query, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);
curl_setopt($query, CURLOPT_PROXY, "http://$proxy");
curl_setopt($query, CURLOPT_PROXYUSERPWD, "$username:$password");

$output = curl_exec($query);
if ($output)
  echo $output;
package main

import (

func main() {
  const username = "customer-USER"
  const password = "PASS"
  const proxy = ""
  proxyUrl, _ := url.Parse(
  client := &http.Client{Transport: &http.Transport{Proxy: http.ProxyURL(proxyUrl)}}
  request, _ := http.NewRequest("GET",
  request.SetBasicAuth(username, password)
  response, err := client.Do(request)
  if err != nil {
  responseText, _ := ioutil.ReadAll(response.Body)
package example;

import org.apache.http.HttpHost;
import org.apache.http.client.fluent.*;

public class Main {
  public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
    String username = "customer-USER";
    String password = "PASS";
    String proxyHost = "";
    int proxyPort = 7777;
    HttpHost entry = new HttpHost(proxyHost, proxyPort);
    String query = Executor.newInstance()
      .auth(entry, username, password)
using System;
using System.Net;

class Example
  static void Main()
    var username = "customer-USER";
    var password = "PASS";
    var proxy = "";
    var client = new WebClient();
    client.Proxy = new WebProxy(proxy);
    client.Proxy.Credentials = new NetworkCredential(username, password);
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Large and stable
Residential Proxy network

Power your projects with ProxyScrapes Residential Network from a pool of 10M+ back-connect rotating IPs.

Avoid CAPTCHAs - With our residential pool, you’ll be able to avoid CAPTCHAs and other anti-scraping technology.

Each time you connect to our endpoint, our network will assign you a random proxy, ensuring you get the best possible results without being blocked fast!

With a worldwide coverage of Residential IP addresses, you can easily overcome geolocation blocks.

Ethically Sourced Proxies

Our Residential proxies are the highest Quality and from legitimate sources

Reliable infrastructure

High uptime ensures your web scraping projects run smoothly

Why Choose ProxyScrape Residential Proxies?

ProxyScrapes back-connect Residential Rotating IPs. At each connection request, a random proxy from the pool will be assigned. This will ensure you stay connected at high speeds without getting blocked. Access our 10M + IP proxy network, 99% success rate, and 0.8 second response time.

Unlimited concurrent connections. As a result, there won't be any disconnections or interruptions in the proxy network. Access Residential proxies from over 129 countries around the globe.

ProxyScrape guarantees the quality of its service, would you like to take a test drive?
We offer a refund when less than 1GB of traffic is used within 3 days of purchase when paying with PayPal or with credit card.

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We're dedicated to providing you with the best user experiences, giving you fast, reliable proxies while delivering the best possible support.
ProxyScrape provides live chat support 24/7, to answer any questions, right when you need it.

Stay anonymous
Using a combination of proxy masking with residential IP addresses, ProxyScrapes residential proxies will keep you undetectable and completely anonymous. Hiding your IP address will allow you to scan and collect data rapidly and effectively, helping you to stay one step ahead of the competition. AI and bot-powered data collection and analysis won’t be blocked.

If you need an exceptionally reliable,
fast residential proxy, then look no further!

With ProxyScrapes 10M+ back-connect rotating IP addresses all around the world, you will avoid restrictions, suspensions, and blocks.

Maximize Your Efforts and Accelerate Your Success with 99% success rate and 0.8 second response time. Bypass all blocks with 10M+ IPs from locations worldwide.

You also aren’t limited when using ProxyScrape. This proxy has different options that you can choose from, including the HTTP protocol.

We provide you with the best user experiences, and you will protect your online identity, scrape websites, and collect data without raising an eyebrow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A residential proxy is a proxy that represents a regular user. The target will not see that you are using a proxy, and the proxy is also not located in a data center. Thus the IP has a better reputation.
Yes, we support sticky sessions of up to 120 minutes.
Filtering by country
Yes, we do support country, state and city targeting.
At the moment, we do not have the option to filter our residential proxies by ISP or ASN. However, this is on our roadmap for late this year.
We do not provide a trial for the residential proxies. However, we provide a refund guarantee if you consumed less than 1GB of traffic with the residential proxies and paid with Credit Card or PayPal. For the exact conditions of the refund guarantee, please check our terms and conditions.
Our residential proxy pool currently consists of 10 million proxies total. At the moment, we do not have statistics on the individual countries.
The advantage of residential proxies is their significantly better reputation compared to datacenter proxies. For this reason, you are less likely to be blocked on sensitive websites.
You should choose a residential proxy if you connect to websites that very quickly ban your IP address. This is because the residential proxies rotate and will change your IP every time you make a new connection. Apart from that, residential proxies also have a significantly better IP reputation compared to datacenter proxies.
No, the data on your residential proxy account will remain until you have fully used it.
Your account expires once all your data is used up.
The residential proxies work like any other user:pass authenticated proxy. The only difference is that the residential proxies rotate. Thus, you can use them as usual in any software that supports user:pass proxy authentication.
In order to calculate the data consumption on our residential proxies, we count up the download and upload traffic of the HTTP layer.
At the moment, our residential proxies do not have an API. We are working on getting this implemented once it is out of beta.