Guide To Using The Best Twitter Proxies For Twitter Tools

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Twitter is an engaging social media platform with 330 active million users and 500 million tweets sent every day. Imagine the excitement that you would get if any of these tweets included your brand name? Statistics have shown that 54% of users are likely to engage in a tweet with a brand name. So you need to have

Twitter is an engaging social media platform with 330 active million users and 500 million tweets sent every day. Imagine the excitement that you would get if any of these tweets included your brand name? Statistics have shown that 54% of users are likely to engage in a tweet with a brand name. So you need to have your brand on Twitter immediately!

However, you can not omit the proxies for Twitter to drive effective marketing results. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of proxies for Twitter.

But first, let’s begin with how your brand could benefit from using Twitter.

How can your brand benefit from Twitter in 2021?

Increase in brand awareness and personality

When you provide outstanding customer service, consumers will recommend your brand. Research also proves this as 76% of consumers are likely to recommend your brand

In addition, creating quality content on your tweets improve the likelihood of sharing it with their followers. 

You don’t have to always tweet about your products. You could tweet about social causes that add value to your brand. In the example below, the famous Ice cream brand Ben and Jerry tweets about the renowned supreme court decision that led to the school to prison pipeline as shown below. This way, it would ease the post-engagement process with your prospects and align your brand voice with personality.

Also, replying to your audience queries and comments would enhance the chances of showing your brand in non-followers feeds.

Gain an understanding of customer Insights

Every second, 6,000 tweets show its intense interactivity level by its users. These tweets can be vital for businesses to acquire customers’ or prospects’ needs and wants. Using the Twitter Explore page provides a list of topics and popular hashtags that users frequently search in your region.

Also, you would be able to discover what Twitter users think about specific topics and trends. Also, their mood, needs, and mindsets. All such data would be valuable assets in launching new products or improving existing products. Also, these features prove that Twitter is an ideal place to engage with customers uniquely.

Engagement with more prospects and leads

With every amazing Tweet out there, you’re likely to get a retweet. Every retweet would then lead to more conversations and hence would have higher engagement levels.

To reach out to prospects, you can use posts that also increment your engagement count. Let’s understand with the use of an example.

Assume that you have shared a post about the benefits that prospects can expect from one of your products with appropriate hashtags. Let’s say that some of your employees retweeted it where many prospects have commented on it. 

As a result, their followers would see it, and the conversation would start to expedite as more prospects would make a Call To Action (CTA) when the post has amazing content. The website’s traffic, too, would escalate via the Twitter page.

Build a brand Community

With the ease of user engagement and conversations, you can build a brand community. Your brand could use the Twitter platform to commence and join new discussions related to your brand, thus creating loyal followers.

Through Twitter, most followers expect brands to connect with people who have similar interests. This is precisely what Twitter offers as brands help people with similar interests together by building small communities.

In the next section, you will find out how you could use Twitter to create great content to have an edge over your competitors.

How to create amazing content for Twitter

Study your target audience

Before doing any single tweet, you need to perform thorough research on your target audience, such as what hashtags they’re likely to use when searching your products? which geographical areas are they located in? And under which topics are they likely to find your products?

You then need to ensure that you’re creating the tweets for the audience who stay maximum time online and are likely to engage with your tweets.

Research on your Competitors

After understanding your competitors, you need to ensure that one way of getting ahead in your game is when you perform better than your competitors. So it would help if you learned their tweets thoroughly, the amount of time they spend on tweeting, what is their content about and what they use to get the attention of their prospects?

Also, it would help if you observed how often they interact with users and what techniques they employ to provide better customer service?

If for a particular tweet, let’s say there were high retweets, you need to observe its reason, like why it happened and what makes the user like it? Then you would be able to create tweets that your prospects will retweet and share with their followers.

Finally, you can have a friendly batter with your competitors that draws more attention to your users, which would help you sell better on Twitter.

Create an attractive and user-friendly profile

You need to create a logo that makes it worthwhile to learn more about your brand. Make sure that you use appropriate colors, graphics, and fonts that match your brand. 

For the Twitter username, it would help if you create one that is easier to remember.

Then you need to ensure that you constantly update your Twitter handle with posts and tweets. 

Share unique valuable content.

When there are tons of social media and Twitter accounts with similar topics, you need to develop a strategy to have your content stand apart from the rest. 

With Twitter, you could also research the prospect’s reviews and feedback about a product and their expectations. Such things will help you cater to your customers efficiently on Twitter.

Why do you need proxies for Twitter marketing your brand?

So far, you have learned about the benefits of Twitter and what you need to do to be better than your competitors. This section would provide a comprehensive overview of how Twitter proxies could help you even better and drive fantastic results, which would otherwise be impossible.

So stay tuned, and let’s dive in. First, let’s find out why you would need a Twitter Proxy.

Creating multiple Twitter accounts

You would often need to create multiple Twitter accounts in circumstances such as :

Numerous products or brands– Larger organizations will often break their products based on different age groups, various locations, and other segmentation factors.

Regional Tweeting- If your organization has various branches located across the globe, it makes sense to operate multiple Twitter accounts. It can be hectic to handle a single Twitter account when you offer different products based on cultural differences and various languages are spoken.

Niche Tweeting– If your Twitter account creates tweets on significantly different topics, it would be ideal for creating separate accounts for each topic.

In addition to the above scenarios, there could be plenty of other legitimate reasons to create multiple Twitter accounts. However, managing multiple Twitter accounts could result in numerous challenges. 

Out of all the significant challenges, Twitter policies limit the number of accounts you could create from a single IP address. So if you create unlimited accounts, you’re likely to end up in an IP ban.

In such circumstances, Proxies can become your savior as they conceal your IP address, and the Twitter server would see the proxy server’s IP address instead.

So we recommend creating all your multiple Twitter accounts using several proxies.

When using a Twitter automation tool

When managing multiple Twitter accounts, you could use a Twitter automation tool to overcome some of the other challenges of managing numerous accounts. These automation tools allow you to automate retweets and follow someone automatically. While others enable automating scheduling your tweets as well as follow and unfollow people.

However, Twitter policies do not allow the usage of bots. If you do, you’re most likely to end up in a ban and then start all over again. This is where you have to use a proxy so that you use bots along with it to avoid any blocking from Twitter.

Unlocking Twitter from banned countries

Since Twitter is a platform where you can express your opinions freely, certain countries such as China have banned it. It is mainly due to avoiding political unrest. In such circumstances, you can connect to a proxy outside any such location, for example, the US, and access Twitter as you would from a country that allows it.

When you use a proxy, it will bypass any restrictions, and it’s almost impossible to trace where you originated from.

Twitter Scraping

With a massive user base, Twitter has become a platform with data for market research and analysis. Therefore plenty of businesses aim to scrape data from Twitter. One way of doing this is to scrape manually by copying and pasting. However, that yields a substantial amount of time and can cause Twitter to be slow and impose a ban on you.

The next option would be to use an automated scraper running on Twitter and extracting all the information you need. Then again the safety of such methods arises, as when you perform it regularly, you’re likely to end up with an IP ban.

So your best bet would be to use proxies that mask your IP address and ensure that your scraping activity is quickly conducted.

Bypassing account bans

Have you ever posted some inappropriate content that you shouldn’t have? It would cause you a ban for a certain extended period. In a competitive environment, your business would not be able to afford such a ban for an extended period when you have to tweet quite regularly.

Once again, you can get around this scenario with the use of Twitter proxies. Since the Twitter proxy would be hiding your IP address, you would be able to connect with your Twitter account before the extended period, and you would be able to post content as usual.

What is the ideal Twitter Proxies?

Although in this article we name Twitter proxies, you would be able to use any proxies for Twitter. However, ideal proxies to use would be mobile proxies. This is because most Twitter users access it through mobile devices. Mobile proxies are also suitable for web scraping and automation tasks. You can find further about mobile proxies here.

Other than mobile proxies, residential proxies are also appropriate for Twitter. This is because the residential IP addresses are those assigned by actual Internet Service Providers(ISP) and are least likely to be blocked by target websites.


Now we hope you have grasped how to use Twitter to market your brand better than your competitors. Then you must have realized the importance of Twitter proxies to manage the marketing activities and web scraping activities for your business needs.

Last but not least, we urge you to put into practice what you have learned throughout this article.