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How You Can Buy Multiple Tickets With a Proxy Network

Proxies, Nov-02-20215 mins read

Purchasing tickets for online events like blockbuster concerts or a reputed sporting event might be challenging. Shows and tours are booked at lightning pace from the moment organizers release the dates. Perhaps you’re wondering how anyone could accomplish this. Well, it is due to the employment of automated ticketing bots to speed the purchasing of tickets.

This article will provide you with an overview of utilizing several accounts to purchase multiple tickets using bots and proxies

Let’s dive in, folks. But first, let’s find out how ticket scalping works. 

What is ticket scalping?

Since the time of the commencement of the internet, ticket scalping has evolved. It has then risen to a significant level, resulting in frustration among many fans who have been waiting anxiously to purchase tickets for their favorite shows.

Now you are aware that the use of ticket bots by the culprits is the reason for this. Although former US President Barack Obama banned bots through federal law in the US, this unethical practice is legal elsewhere globally. Let’s dive into how ticket scalping has become such a devastating issue for fans.

How ticket scalping has affected fans?

Any programmer with fundamental knowledge and experience with programming could develop scripts to connect to some of the prominent websites such as Ticketmaster. From then, they could purchase heaps of tickets automatically.

Furthermore, some developers have built automated scripts that anyone with a substantial interest in purchasing tickets through automation could buy through the marketplace. After all, there are no laws that ban any developer from coding such automated scripts.

What’s more disappointing is that the majority of these tickets are never getting to the public. According to the famous ticket scalper, Ken Lawson, 95% of the tickets never become available to the public.

So as you can see, none of the available tickets rarely gets into the public. As a result, fans are unable to view their favorite concerts or sporting events at all. 

Issues confronted with purchasing multiple tickets

Some of the fans who need to book several seats simultaneously to view the show with friends or families are not able to do so. This is mainly because most online ticket booking websites allow you to book just one ticket per account. Each account refers to one IP address per user.

In addition, if a group tries to purchase tickets from the same office building, the ticketing websites would most likely block the whole group. This is because the ticketing websites can recognize the subnetwork IP addresses, which is a technique that the ticketing bots often employ.  

So if the users wish to purchase more tickets, they would have to talk to the ticket-selling manager. It would not make any sense as all the tickets would be gone by the time you contact the manager.

Also, ticket bots are competing with one another. Even if the host website such as Ticketmaster blocks ticketing bots through captchas and other anti-botting techniques, people are likely to use proxies to get over these blocks.

In the next section, you will discover some of the options that you’re left with to reserve tickets for your favorite show or event.

How to purchase multiple tickets?

Since the tickets are getting sold out in a flash of seconds, the only option is to use a ticketing proxy. Before diving into ticketing proxy, I must emphasize that our objective is not to teach you unethical practices. To purchase tickets, you have to use ticketing proxies as, without it, ticket scalping occurs as you have just discovered.

Also, it is entirely legal to use proxies to purchase tickets in the US, UK, and some other countries. But it’s illegal to use bots in these countries. However, the question of legality has not curbed the ticketing bots using ticket proxies in these countries.

So without further ado, let’s move to what is a ticketing proxy.

What is a ticketing proxy?

A ticketing proxy is simply a residential proxy where you can purchase multiple tickets from websites such as Ticketmaster.

If you go back to the definition of a proxy server, a proxy server masks your IP address, and hence the target website does not know your actual location.

As I have mentioned earlier, your account is tied to a single IP address when you purchase tickets without proxies. So with a pool of rotating residential proxies from numerous locations with different IP addresses will get multiple tickets for you.

However, you would have to use a bot with proxies as you have zero chance of succeeding when you purchase the tickets manually.

So in the next section, we’ll elaborate more on why you need proxies for purchasing tickets.

Why do you need proxies for ticketing websites?

When you attempt to purchase multiple tickets from the same account the websites such as Ticketmaster will block you. Even if you log in by changing your username or email address, the result is the same. To add insult to the injury, the platforms such as TicketMaster do not provide any room for appeal. 

Even in circumstances where you have purchased multiple tickets accidentally, it would permanently block your account.

However, when you use proxies to access TicketMaster, they will assist you in unblocking your account in Ticketmaster. Furthermore, proxies can help you purchase tickets even above the maximum limit with different IP addresses by creating multiple accounts.

Also, you would have to encounter captchas on websites such as Ticketmaster if they suspect that you’re using a bot to purchase multiple tickets. However, with proxies, the time you have to interact with captchas will be minimal.

Factors to consider when purchasing a proxy for ticketing websites?

Now you need to consider several factors before you purchase a proxy from an appropriate provider. This is because not all providers provide equal services. In particular, you need to look for the following key points:

  1. Avoid Public Proxies: Public proxies are much cheaper or entirely free than paid proxies. Their IP addresses are randomly assigned, and you might be already using an address that the Ticketmaster has already blocked due to a malicious act of some other user.
  1. Avoid Dedicated or Shared Proxies: Your IP address will be shared among a few users with shared proxies. Then if such users perform a malicious act and if the proxy gets blocked, you would not be able to use that proxy.
  1. Use Virgin Proxies: You must ensure that the proxies you use have never been used by Ticketmaster before. If it has been used before, then Ticketmaster would alert you of foul play. This may result in Ticketmaster blocking your account.
  1. Multiple locations: When you select a proxy package, you must choose one that offers the choice of IP addresses from various urban areas. This allows you to purchase tickets from areas closer to the location in which the event is held. For instance, if you constantly buy tickets from San Diego for a show in Boston, the website selling tickets would be suspicious of you and ultimately result in a ban. 
  1. Rotating proxies: You must have rotating proxies instead of static proxies. Some proxy providers may provide you with a batch of 10-20 proxies, but they will not change regularly or not at all. They will not work with ticketing sites such as Ticketmaster, as you need to rotate the proxies continuously to change the IP address for each account. I will explain this concept more below.

Why do you need to use Residential Proxies?

While there are many proxies out there, using residential proxies for websites like Ticketmaster will give them a good impression. Since the actual residential owners own residential IPs, it will provide the image to the Ticketmaster as if an average user was purchasing tickets from their home. Host sites like Ticketmaster will primarily be suspicious of website traffic arriving from commercial websites.

What factors to consider before purchasing a bot?

Before using a ticketed proxy with a bot, you need to figure out the answers to the following questions:

  • Is it legal to use a bot to purchase tickets in your current country of residence?
  • Are you using a secure ticket purchasing script?
  • How do you plan to automate bots and scale your operation to make it a worthwhile decision?
  • Is the price reasonable and worth your time?

Well, to answer some of these questions, since fewer tickets reach the general public, it’s worth investing your time and money in a bot with a ticketed proxy. In a significant number of countries, this practice is legal. Even if it’s otherwise, purchasing tickets with bots and proxies has never declined.

In addition to the above, the price you invest in a bot is a lot more reasonable than paying a hefty sum of the money to ticket scalpers.

Having said that, some of the significant barriers that novice ticket botters confront are IP issues and bot settings.

Before I address them, let’s turn our attention to how to use bots with proxies.

Tips on how to use the bots with ticketed proxies

First and foremost, you need to ensure that you abide by the website’s rules that you’re purchasing the tickets from. Then you need to make sure that you set the time on your computer’s clock to the exact time. This is because it would make a considerable difference if there is a 15 or 20-minute delay in purchasing the ticket from the time they are available.

You can refer to this guide on how to sync your computer’s time with the atomic time.

Then if you’re purchasing tickets from Ticketmaster (other sites have more or less the same procedure), you need to be aware of the following:

  • Create your accounts way before they go on sale. This task will ensure that you can purchase the tickets using the bot and proxies without getting delayed for tasks that may prop up while opening an account.
  • Then you need to set up back-connect rotating residential proxies. This server will assign a random IP address for each of the accounts that you have created.
  • This point focuses on different bots buying a different number of tickets. For example, one bot might be trying to buy two tickets while another would be trying to buy the maximum allowed limit. 
  • Finally, there are built-in delay functions in automated bots, which make them go real slow so that no one suspects them. For example, a bot may add tickets to a cart and then enter credit card details slower than you would expect from a typical bot. 

An important point to note here is that never click the refresh button on the browser when purchasing multiple tickets. Then the sites such as Ticketmaster would notice this, and hence you would lose the tickets.

How to set up the ticket bot for optimum results and avoid IP bans

As you saw in the previous section, you need to set up the bot to make it perform tasks slowly. This is a technique that novice botters should thoroughly master.

When your bot carries out all the tasks from adding the ticket to the cart to entering the credit card details within a blink of an eye, the website such as Ticketmaster knows that you’re using a bot. So definitely, the key here is to make your bot go slow using the delay functions you found out above.

Another challenge that novice botters face is the use of multiple accounts. In such scenarios, you would have to use rotating residential proxies. By now, you know why you should use residential proxies instead of other proxies. 


After going through this article, you may now be familiar with how ticket scalping works and what you can do about it. As you have correctly learned in this article, the only way to book multiple tickets for your favorite show is by using residential proxies. Then you could use automated bots with proxies to ensure that you succeed in purchasing multiple tickets.

We hope you”ll put into practice what you have learned.