Nstbrowser - A Free Anti-Detection Browser Simplifies Web Scraping and Automation

Jun-02-20245 mins read

Discover the power of Nstbrowser, the premier free antidetect browser designed to simplify web scraping and automation tasks. With features like cloud container clusters, intelligent web scraping capabilities, and robust multi-account management, Nstbrowser offers a comprehensive solution for businesses and individuals alike. Whether you're looking to enhance privacy, manage multiple accounts, or navigate complex data collection challenges, Nstbrowser equips you with the tools necessary for success.

What Makes Nstbrowser Indispensable?

In addition to all the features that are completely free of charge, the industry-leading anti-detection system, website unlocking feature, and authentic browser fingerprinting are also decisive factors in Nstbrowser's success. This is what sets us apart from our competitors as well. Nstbrowser has the following 9 core strengths:

  • Cloud Container Clusters
  • Browserless
  • Anti-detect Browser
  • Convenient Automation Program
  • Intelligent Web Scraping Capabilities
  • Multi-Account Management
  • Access Cloudflare-protected Data Seamlessly
  • Synchronizer
  • Free Access

Cloud Container Clusters

Nstbrowser supports Cloud Container Clusters service. Through Cloud hosting services, local resources can be completely freed up. Load balancing and dynamic scaling technologies are provided to ensure a stable, efficient and cost-effective automation solution.


Nstbrowser is compatible with the Puppeteer and Playwright, providing a wider range of options and flexibility. With Nstbrowserless, you can use cloud services with one-click access, easily run large-scale concurrent tasks, effectively save resources and time, and quickly support business use. Moreover, during task execution, page content can be transferred to iframe in real time, which is suitable for accomplishing interactive automation tasks. This is the power of Nstbrowserless!

Anti-detect Browser

Nstbrowser creates authentic browser fingerprints and is even compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. We also offer browser kernels based on Chrome and Firefox for greater account undetectability. In addition, Nstbrowser's ability to automate rotating proxy allows you to determine the most effective proxy for a specific target, reducing the chances of your activity being tracked or blocked.

Convenient Automation Program

Automating daily tasks in Nstbrowser is easy and fast using our carefully developed RPA bots for free. You can create any automated process as needed or use ready-made templates. Here you can learn how to manage multiple accounts with the help of Nstbrowser RPA.

Intelligent Web Scraping Capabilities

You have unhindered access to any website through our AI technology to achieve automatic Captchas recognition, and with the built-in integration of browser fingerprinting, Browserless, Web Unblocker, intelligent agents, automation, and other solutions, we make everything easy by solving all of the hurdles that you encounter when crawling the web. With seamless access to the Cloud, it's easy to achieve full hosting, and massively manage and automate crawlers.

Multi-Account Management

You can create multiple unique profiles at once with just simple configuration operations to set up different or identical agents for each environment. Build RPA processes using drag-and-drop modules to improve the efficiency of tasks such as multi-account management, data scraping, and automated operations.

Access Cloudflare-protected Data Seamlessly

Nstbrowser provides automated solutions to efficiently address Cloudflare's Turnstile and Captcha challenges. Avoid multiple validations and anti-bot detection with real user browser fingerprints, which helps to reliably collect data with a 99.9% success rate.


We also support Cloud synchronization systems. Nstbrowser allows logging in on multiple devices and you can seamlessly switch between devices since environmental data can be automatically synchronized on a new device as long as your cloud synchronization is turned on. Meanwhile, using keepalive you can seamlessly switch between different browser sessions, keeping the browser process running continuously. 

Free Access

We offer subscription packages completely free of charge! Here are the specifics of the pricing:

  • Free Subscription: the free Pro version offers 1,000 profile launches per day with an unlimited number of browser profiles and teams, but only allows 5 team members.
  • Enterprise Subscription: Priced as low as $179 per month (annual billing) with unlimited environment launches, number of profiles, and team size.

What Can You Use Nstbrowser for?

Nstbrowser comes into play wherever there's a need to manage multiple accounts discreetly. The following are specific areas of work where Nstbrowser can play a role:

Privacy and Anonymity

Maintaining privacy online is crucial for sensitive research and browsing. Antidetect browsers enhance anonymity by obfuscating your online activities, protecting you from tracking and data profiling.

Multi-Account Operations

Managing numerous accounts for social media or e-commerce platforms effectively requires keeping each account’s activity isolated. Antidetect browsers allow the simultaneous operation of multiple accounts from one device without detection.

Web Scraping

Automating data extraction from websites is challenging when faced with anti-bot technology and CAPTCHAs. Antidetect browsers can disguise scraping bots as legitimate users, enabling more efficient and uninterrupted data harvesting.


Selling in different regions and categories on one E-commerce platform can boost your business. However, if the platform detects multiple accounts from the same user, it could lead to a ban. Antidetect browsers help avoid this.

Affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing, the use of multiple accounts is a common strategy to widen reach and opportunity. Categorizing products and promoting them through different accounts can enhance your marketing effectiveness.

Bounty & Airdrop

Participating in cryptocurrency bounties and airdrops often requires maintaining multiple accounts to receive tokens. Antidetect browsers can mask your digital footprint, allowing you to participate in various events without triggering fraud detection systems.

Market Research

Conducting thorough market research necessitates a broad and undistorted view of the market. Antidetect browsers can simulate access from different locations and devices, providing more accurate insights without being skewed by personalized content or restrictions.

Online advertising

Multiple ad accounts can increase exposure and conversion chances. Antidetect browsers allow for varied ad placements, increasing the likelihood of campaign success.

Digital Agencies

Digital agencies managing campaigns and profiles across various platforms need to avoid cross-contamination of user data. Antidetect browsers facilitate the management of client accounts separately and securely.

Data Collection for AI

Collecting diverse datasets is essential for training sophisticated AI models, such as Language Learning Models (LLMs), Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), or Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs). Antidetect browsers can assist in gathering extensive data by evading bans and limitations set by websites.

Nstbrowser Is the Best Antidetect Browser!

Nstbrowser seamlessly accesses cloud container cluster services and provides a comprehensive solution to address complex operational challenges at the enterprise level, making web scraping and automation easier. Below are the top 10 key features offered by Nstbrowser:

  • Authentic Browser Fingerprinting. Helps you stay completely anonymous and prevent tracking by creating real browser fingerprints when performing web crawling.
  • Real Anti-Bot Detection. Integrated browser fingerprinting, web unblocker, intelligent proxy rotation and CAPTCHA unlock services to bypass anti-detection bots and unlock access to any web page.
  • Free RPA Functions. Nstbrowser provides powerful RPA functions for data collection and automation, which can help you automate data collection.
  • Unique Anti-detect Browser. Utilize the cloud-based headless browser for web crawling and automation to run, manage and monitor browser automation scripts easily for a seamless and efficient data scraping and automation process.
  • Intelligent Cloud Hosting Services. Completely free up local resources with fully managed services in the Cloud. Load balancing and dynamic scaling technologies are provided to ensure a stable, efficient and cost-effective automation solution.
  • Multiple Web Unblocking Solutions. Integrates real browser fingerprints, intelligent proxies, Captcha solver and other solutions to help you access any web page seamlessly.
  • Omni-directional Multi-Account Management. Anonymously and efficiently manage multiple accounts with authentic user fingerprints through simple RPA construction and easy multi-environment configuration procedures.
  • High program compatibility. Compatible with Puppeteer, Playwright, Selenium and other mainstream tools, Nstbrowser achieves a high degree of integration and easy deployment, which seamlessly integrates your automation scripting applications.
  • Professional data encryption. Protect your account through technical methods, such as SSL transmission encryption, storage encryption, etc. Also provide 2FA, login reminder and other security features to help you improve the security level of your account.
  • Exclusive customized services. A powerful technical team of over 150 people provides you with various customized solutions, and a 7x24 professional customer service team is always ready to solve your problems.

Try Nstbrowser for Free Now!

Nstbrowser represents a quantum leap in web automation technology, providing the tools needed to easily and efficiently navigate the complexities of the modern web. It gives you all the advanced features you need to achieve web scraping, efficiently manage multiple accounts and automate your goals. It's time to start solving your troubles with Nstbrowser for free!