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Best 5 Proxies for High-Demanding Tasks in 2024

Proxies, May-05-20225 mins read

From account management to marketing SEO research, proxies nowadays are very popular. Unlike VPN, you don’t have to install third-party software, which saves a lot of time. People’s day to day task difficulties have increased ten fold. People need to be equipped with the necessary tools to tackle these tasks. So, you may be wondering what kind of task I’m talking about? To explain this, we will take some high-demanding tasks, such as web scraping, SEO monitoring, and marketing analysis as examples. Let us see how proxies help people work efficiently by checking out the five best proxies for high-demanding tasks in 2023.

What Is a Proxy Server?

A proxy server acts as an intermediate between you ( the client) and your target ( the server). The request from the client-side passes through the proxy server and then to the target source. The proxy then hides your IP address with its IP address and makes you anonymous online. Without a proxy, whenever you connect to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) network, you are provided with a static IP address. This IP address allows you to access the content within your region. Now, if you want to access content that is not available in your area, the solution to accessing geo-restricted content is using a proxy. Of course, if you think that a VPN is another option, you are correct in some ways. The advantage of using a proxy is that it will reroute only the necessary web traffic to access the desired content. In this approach, the internet connectivity speed does not slow down. Instead, it will help you achieve a better internet speed.

So, you now know the primary use of a proxy is accessing geo-restricted content. But, there are other uses of proxy servers, such as web scraping, SEO monitoring, e-commerce market research, and security.

Proxies for High-Demanding Tasks:

High-demanding tasks, like I said before, are tasks like web scraping, competitive analyses, and SEO monitoring, which all involve gathering data from various sources online. Automating this task can help you save a lot of time. Gathering data online goes synonymous with web scraping. Web scraping is extracting data from a targeted source with two components,’ crawler’ and ‘scraper’. The crawler goes through the seed URL(s) you provide and finds the required data from the target. Once the crawler considers the data, the scrapper then extracts this data from the target.

You can then save the data in the database in various formats, such as an Excel spreadsheet, CSV (Comma Separated File), or JSON files for further analyses. At this stage, there is one big problem. It may take you longer than usual to finish scraping when you work on a large amount of data. This period can be enough for the target source to identify your local IP address and block you from scraping the data. This is the biggest issue when it comes to web scraping. Datacenter proxies (residential proxies) can avoid this issue.

The IP address of the residential proxy is represented as the standard IP address issued by the local ISP. It is even better when a residential proxy is a rotating proxy. A rotating proxy is a proxy that changes whenever you connect to a proxy server, meaning that the proxy IP address is dynamic. Finding whether the client is using the proxy or not will be difficult for the target because of the rotating proxies. Now that you can perform web scraping efficiently, let us see what the top five best proxies are for high-demanding tasks.

1. ProxyScrape:

ProxyScrape Home Page
ProxyScrape is one of the best programs in the market for proxies. They provide three services: residential proxies, dedicated proxies, and premium proxies. These services are best for various purposes, including high-speed and high demanding tasks. Dedicated and premium proxies are best suited for streaming and accessing geo-restricted content, whereas residential proxies are best suited for streaming. They are also best for the high-demanding tasks, such as web scraping.
Residential Proxy
With a pool of 7+ million residential proxies with an uptime of 99.9%, you can scrape data with little to no difficulties. All the proxies in the pool consist of HTTP(s) and back-connect proxies with user names and password authentication. The process starts once you request a ProxyScrape proxy endpoint, it is rerouted to available proxies in the pool with the desired country, which is another advantage. You can choose your selected country from 121 countries. Last but not least, you are provided with outstanding customer service, who can help you resolve any issue within 24 hrs. ProxyScrape provides various bandwidths starting from 1GB up to 100GB. Using a high bandwidth is best \ for web scraping and SEO monitoring, since you will be dealing with real-time data and different types of datasets.

2. BrightData:

BrightData Home Page
BrightData also provides residential proxies, datacenters, and mobile proxies with complete customer service. BrightData’s residential proxy pools consist of 72+ million unique real-users IP addresses. All the residential proxies are rotating proxies with limitless rotations. With residential proxies, you can access any geo-restricted content from any position in the world and scrape a large amount of data (in terms of the size of data, such as MB and GB). BrightData provides you with an easy-to-navigate dashboard. With the help of the dashboard, you can segregate and organize your proxies. BrightData allows you to customize the dashboard in any way you prefer. Also, when it comes to the proxy itself, you can change any country at any time you need. You have the option for a free 7-day trial.

3. HydraProxy:

HydraProxy is great if you are on a tight budget. With HydraProxy, you will have”no monthly commitment,” meaning that you can order as much as you require and pay for your required bandwidth. Also, you are allowed to gain access to the HydraProxy pool network, which consists of 5M+ unique IPs. The other advantages are the same as the other proxy providers, such as access to geo-restricted content and the ability to scrape a large amount of data with rotating proxies.

4. SmartProxy:

Next on the list is the SmartProxy. With SmartProxy, you will get 40M+ rotating unique IPs consisting of HTTPS IPv4 addresses with unlimited connections and threads. With a large proxy pool, you can perform your scraping process without any difficulties. There is also a sticky session for the user. You can get up to 30 minutes of the sticky session. Once the session is over, you will get a new unique IP address. The average response for any standard connection is less than >3ms, meaning the proxy will not slow down your internet connection speed. This is an added advantage when it comes to streaming high-quality content. With the SmartProxy dashboard, you can check the statistics of your internet traffic usage. SmartProxy also provides you with 24/7 customer support and resolves the issue in a short amount of time. Last but not least, they offer a 3-day refund in a situation where you are not satisfied with their service.

5. PrivateProxy.:

Last on the list is PrivateProxy. The main difference between PrivateProxy and other proxies providers is that PrivateProxy’s proxies are static. Also, when you buy their residential proxies, you will be the sole user because all the proxies are dedicated (private). Since the static proxies are assigned through ISP, you are unlikely to get blocked by the target, making it suitable for demanding tasks, such as marketing analysis and SEO monitoring. PrivateProxy provides a dashboard for you. From there, you can manage all your proxies. They also offer a free trial. So, once you create your profile, you will be granted access to several tools and APIs for programming and other applications.


1. What are the best proxies for high-demanding tasks?
Residential proxies are the best proxies for high-demanding tasks. Here, high-demanding jobs mean web scraping and SEO monitoring, as well as analysis. Most proxy providers offer rotating proxies, which can help mask deeply your IP address.
2. What is the difference between a sticky proxy and a rotating proxy?
Time is the main difference between a sticky proxy and a rotating proxy. As the name implies, a sticky proxy sticks to a single IP address for a definite amount of time, e.g. 30 minutes. Once the session is over, the user will be assigned a new IP address. In contrast, a rotating proxy changes whenever you connect to the proxy network.
3. Is web scraping legal?
Yes, but it is always recommended to check the terms and conditions of the web pages. Once you reach a certain threshold, some network administrators integrate filter measures on the web pages to detect web scraping and block your IP address.


Without the right tools, demanding tasks, such as web scraping and SEO monitoring can be difficult to complete. Yes, dedicated web scraping can do all the heavy work. Still, without a proxy, it can prolong the process and you can encounter many errors due to your IP address being consistently banned from the target. In this article, we saw the best five proxies for high-demanding tasks. Start your web scraping journey with ProxyScrape’s residential proxies and analyze to your heart’s content for SEO and marketing optimization.

DISCLAIMER: This article is strictly for learning purposes. Without following the proper guidelines, performing web scraping may be illegal. This article does not support illicit web scraping in any shape or form.