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Best Proxy for Brand Protection – A Mask to Your Business in 2024

Proxies, Sep-03-20225 mins read
Proxy for brand protection and counterfeiters are enemies to each other. Counterfeiters is the term used to describe a person who makes a copy that looks exactly like the original product for an illegal purpose. According to worldtrademarkreview, the international trade in counterfeit products was about 3.3% of the world trade in 2021. The world trade value in 2021 amounted to 28.5 trillion dollars.

Premium proxies: The growth was significant and is still gradually rising. Companies always have this fight against counterfeit products to maintain their brand reputation. The most important thing for any company is its brand reputation. Successful CEOs tend to say that if you lose money, you can earn it within a year, but if you lose your brand reputation, you can not achieve it back.

Your brand is what makes you unique among your competitors in the market. It would be best if you went to great lengths to protect your business and intellectual properties. One way to do that is to use a proxy for brand protection. Before we dive deeply into the type of proxy best for protecting your brand against counterfeiters, we will briefly discuss the basic concept of proxies and brand protection.

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Brand Protection: What Is It?

Brand protection is a structured process consisting of several rules and regulations that rightful owners can take in a situation where the intellectual property is being used in an unethical way that leads to a loss of revenue and can influence the tarnishing of your brand reputation and trust.

The main objective of brand protection is to ensure that the trademarks, royalty, copyrights, and other business intellectual properties are respected and honored by collaborators and third-party organizations.

A Proxy Server: What Is It?

Proxy Server- Explained!

A proxy server is an intermediary between the client system (your local system) and the internet (target server). Instead of directly routing your requests to the target server, they will reroute them through the proxy server and reach the target server. 

This rerouting method helps you mask your internet handprint and make you anonymous online. The Proxy’s IP address will hide your original IP address with the proxy’s IP address, making it difficult for the attacker to track your IP address and access your location.

Why Proxy Server?

A proxy server is a good tool for both professional and personal work. For personal work, you can configure personal devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, Chromebooks, and tablets, with the proxy. You can enable the proxy by just adding the proxy IP address and port number. Automatically, you will be connected to the desired location server.

With a proxy, you can unblock geo-restricted content on streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media apps. 

Apart from accessing region-restricted content, you can also use a proxy for secure online payment, surf online anonymously, and download media without worrying about being tracked by attackers.

For professionals, the proxy server is a vital companion. From securing valuable data to restricting access to protect your brand reputation, proxy servers help to protect the organization from attackers. You can use a proxy to limit employees from visiting illicit and unregulated websites, which allows you to secure your data.

Apart from ensuring the data is safe, you can use a proxy for data collection from websites. For data scientists, web scraping is a valuable tool, and the proxy is the best companion to that tool. You can automatically use your script (Python coding script) to scrape data from desired websites by configuring the proxy to your system. 

Various other applications for configuring the proxy to your devices, such as SEO monitoring, market trends analysis, cyber security, and e-commerce. From this, we focus on brand protection.

A Proxy for Brand Protection:

Counterfeiters and attackers can track your IP address and hack your brand information from any location. You will be in deep trouble if you don’t have a public facade. This is where the proxy comes into the picture. But which proxy for brand protection is most suitable? The answer is the residential proxy server. 

The main reason is that the residential IP address resembles the user’s original IP address, meaning that it will be the same as the IP address provided by the ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Attackers and the target server (websites) will have difficulties identifying your IP address and accessing your location. One thing to note here is that it is difficult to protect your company brand only with a proxy, so how do you create an ironclad brand protection strategy for your company? Again, the proxy is a great companion for web scrapers. 

With a web scraper tool configured with the residential proxy, you can scan millions of data on the dynamic page in a short period of time. Brand protection is essential for all kinds of information, but most counterfeits can be noticed on eCommerce websites.

For example, you may find counterfeit sneaker products on a reputable eCommerce website. The main reasons for numerous counterfeit products are the brand’s popularity and mediocre brand protection. 

How do you fight against these counterfeit products? Unfortunately, you cannot wholly eradicate it, but you can slow it down as much as possible by using the scraper tool configured with a residential proxy. You can scrape all the necessary data about the counterfeits of your original product, which is, in our case, sneakers, and save it in a database for taking actions required to fight against the counterfeits legally.

Why ProxyScrape’s Proxy for Brand Protection Is the best?

ProxyScrape is one of the most reliable proxy providers online. With three proxy services, such as dedicated datacenter proxies, residential proxies, and premium proxies, you can rest assured that you can carry out any online task with ease. 

Dedicated proxies :

Dedicated proxies are datacenter proxies suitable for high-speed tasks due to various features, such as unlimited bandwidth, unlimited concurrent network, an option to change the desired location, IP authentication for more security, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. 

You can start to authenticate and use the proxies within minutes using API integration. The other advantage is that you will be the sole user of the proxy list, meaning that no other user on the ProxyScrape network can access your proxy list.

Premium proxies:

Premium proxies have the same features as dedicated datacenter proxies. The only difference is that, unlike dedicated datacenter proxies, in premium proxies, you will share the proxy IP addresses among the other users on the ProxyScrape network; that is the only reason the price of the premium proxies is much lower than the dedicated proxies.

Residential proxies:

With 7+ million proxies in the proxy pool, residential proxies are the most acceptable options for high-demanding tasks, such as web scraping and brand monitoring. The features of the residential proxies are back-connect rotating proxies, meaning that whenever you connect to the ProxyScrape network, you will be assigned a new IP address. This address will be static until you disconnect and reconnect to the network again. 

This helps to profoundly mask your original IP address and makes it difficult to trace your location by the target server. The other features of the residential proxies are unlimited concurrent access, username and password authentication for more security, and an option to change the country as desired.

As mentioned above, residential proxies are the best option as a proxy for brand protection. It can help to scrape large amounts of data (in terms of size measured as MB or GB) about counterfeit products online and fight against fraud and illegal activity that tarnishes a brand’s reputation. p


1. What is brand protection security?
Brand protection is a structured process consisting of several rules and regulations for the third-party owners to ensure that all the trademarks and patents are followed without illegal activity.
2. Is there any dedicated type of proxy available for brand protection?
Yes, a residential proxy is a dedicated type of proxy available for brand protection. Due to its unique features resembling the original IP address provided by the ISP, the target server has a hard time seeing whether you are using a proxy or not. Using a web scraping tool helps scrape a large amount of data about counterfeit products.
3. Why is brand protection important?
Eliminating counterfeit products can help drive more sales among your targeted audience, leading to increased brand recognition among potential customers.


Brand reputation is crucial for any business, regardless of the scale. Once it’s gone, it is more challenging to regain the customer’s trust, and sometimes, it may not happen at all. We have seen some organizations fall into that category. It would be best if you took every precaution to protect your brand reputation. With ProxyScrape’s residential proxy network and the web scraping tool as the brand’s protection tools, you can take the first step to fight against brand abuse and fake websites in the online world.