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<strong>Rotating Proxy and Its 7 Useful Benefits</strong>

Proxies, Aug-03-20225 mins read

Internet users do not only use it for their basic applications like browsing, and communicating. They also  prefer utilizing the network’s advanced features like web scraping, online marketing, gaming, data analysis, and many more. Applications like web scraping come with a few challenges. A rotating proxy makes you look like a new user by providing

Internet users do not only use it for their basic applications like browsing, and communicating. They also  prefer utilizing the network’s advanced features like web scraping, online marketing, gaming, data analysis, and many more.

Applications like web scraping come with a few challenges. A rotating proxy makes you look like a new user by providing unique IP addresses for each of your requests. This article will discuss how rotating proxies help in web scraping projects and other applications. 

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Rotating Proxy

A rotating proxy is a proxy server that automatically assigns a new IP address for each of your connection requests. When you are about to send a request through a rotating proxy server, you can simply pass it through this proxy server. This rotating proxy server is responsible for configuring each of your requests with a new IP address from the proxy pool.

Do you have experience with working on a web scraping project and scraping information from the sites back to back? When you keep on collecting information from the sites, you will send requests multiple times to the same web server. This might result in IP blocks as the internet service providers (ISPs) will block your IP addresses because they consider them as spam or unwanted loads to their web server.

This is when a rotating proxy provides multiple IP addresses and helps each connection look like a unique one.

Why Use Rotating Proxy?

When you are in need to collect information from multiple sites at high speed, you can come in and face a few problems like reduced speed, IP blocks due to repeated requests, geographical restrictions, and a few more. This rotating proxy is a solution to handle most of these challenges.

When you forward a request to the web server through a rotating proxy server, the rotating proxy will provide you with a new proxy from the proxy pool. As this proxy pool contains a proxy of all global locations, you can access websites of any location without restrictions.

The proxy pool will have proxies of all cities, and all communication protocols, so that rotating proxies offer suitable proxy addresses for each request from this pool.

How Does Rotating Proxy Work?

Working of Rotating Proxy

A rotating proxy server is available with multiple proxies addresses of different types in a pool. This rotating proxy will assign proxy addresses to the users based on the proxy rotation.

When a user sends a connection request to the web server, the rotating proxy that sits in between the user and the destination server will assign the next proxy available to the user, when another user makes a request or the same user sends another request, the rotating proxy will assign the user with the next available proxy in the rotation circle.

If the user completed their action with the proxy, the proxy servers will disconnect the proxy address from the user and make it available for proxy rotation again. It is also possible to set a time limit to rotate and switch to the other proxies. Using sticky session options, the users can stick to the same IP address until their work is done.

Benefits of Rotating Proxy

Rotating Proxy helps users to share the proxies of a proxy pool based on rotation schema. Here are some of the benefits of proxy rotation. 

The Pool of IP Addresses

Users need not struggle with the same limited resources. Using the same IP addresses for many requests can slow down the process and put you in trouble. Whereas rotating proxies provide a pool of proxy addresses so users have enough options to scrape data from different websites.

High Security

As people use rotating proxy servers, their identity keeps on changing. This changing IP address makes it hard for attackers to find the actual user. This quality service of rotating proxy protects users against cyber attacks like malware, virus, and data thefts.

Proxy Address of Multiple Locations

Web scraping and data analysis process requires data from sites of other countries as well. Some websites have geographical restrictions that do not allow people of certain countries to access their sites. There are also situations where other websites are not available in some countries. These barriers might stop users from extracting data from all possible and required sources.

People can make use of rotating proxy servers to avoid these problems. A proxy pool with rotating proxy lists includes proxies of multiple locations Which allows scrapers to use location-specific proxies to bypass the restrictions.

Reduced IP blocks

These rotating proxies will decrease the possibilities of IP bans. When scrapers use the same IP address for multiple requests, then the web server might suspect it as bots. This makes the internet service providers ban suspicious IP addresses from accessing their sites.


Rotating proxies help users with increased anonymity. Using different IP addresses for each connection will help users’ requests appear like requests from different devices. This will reduce the chances of revealing your identity.

Budget Friendly

Instead of going for new proxy addresses for each requirement, rotating proxies will help users with using many proxies with a single proxy server. This proxy pool costs less than buying dedicated proxies for each of your needs. With this rotating proxy, you can share proxies from the proxy pool with other users.

High Sales Conversion Rate

When your web server records visits from multiple locations, the traffic automatically increases and this eventually leads to an increase in sales conversion rate. The other way is that the rotating proxies can help users in proxy management and boost their business through web scraping and business analysis.

Types of Proxies

Rotating proxies go well with two types of proxies. Residential proxies and data center proxies. Private proxies do not fall under the shared proxies category. So sharing proxies from a proxy pool is not ideal in this case. Other than private proxies, shared proxies like data center proxies and residential proxies have a proxy pool with numerous proxies of various types and protocols.

Residential Proxies

Residential rotating proxies have a proxy pool full of proxy addresses ISPs provide. As these proxies come from ISPs, they are connected to real-time locations. This helps the address to appear more like a real location. This feature of residential rotating proxies helps the users to work with proxies that seem like real IP addresses.

Data Center Proxies

Datacenter Proxies also support rotating proxies as they come from individual data centers. As they are not from ISPs, it is easy to make use of bulk IP addresses from their data center proxies and they provide the proxy addresses of unlimited bandwidth.

Use Cases

Rotating proxies are popularly used in many applications such as:

Web Scraping

Web scraping is the most common use case of any proxy concept. Scrapers need multiple proxies to scrape data from websites. In this case, rotating proxies help web scrapers with location-specific proxies of high bandwidth to overcome all the restrictions and scrape without limits.

Data Extraction

Data extraction may not involve extracting tons of data like the scraping process, still, this process requires accessing sites of other countries as well. Data from wide sources will help the data extraction process to result in quality data that are ready for further processing. Using rotating IP addresses users can make use of IPV4, Socks Protocols, or whatever types they prefer.

Data Analysis

Devising a business strategy requires a deep analysis of its previous performance, evaluating your competitors’ performance, and predicting the outcome of all possible strategies. This process is similar to the data mining process that includes collecting data from news sites for knowing the trends and rotating residential proxies will help you extract all the data relevant to your business. Data Mining is

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is a rotating proxy?
A rotating proxy server has a pool of proxy addresses and assigns a unique IP address for every new connection. The proxy pool rotates according to the preset durations and assigns the next available IP address to the user request.
2. Which proxy type is best suited for rotating proxies?
There are many proxy types like datacenter proxies, residential proxies, and dedicated proxy servers, but residential proxies are the best option to rotate the proxies. As a user has their own private proxy, it does not support proxy rotations. Among the other two shared proxy IP addresses, the residential proxies help the users with a real-time address that decreases the chances of IP blocks. These proxies are also cost-efficient compared to others.
3. What are sticky sessions?
Usually, the rotating proxies will keep rotating and switch proxies in certain time durations. There may be cases when the users can not complete the tasks within that duration. In this case, users can not use the proxy rotations and will stick with the same IP address until they complete their task. This situation is what sticky sessions are.

Final Thoughts

If you are a web scraper or online business professional expecting a better solution to enhance your system by simplifying and automating the workflows, rotating proxies is potentially the right choice. These rotating proxies with a pool of residential IPs will provide you with a unique IP address for each request. Switching proxies at regular intervals will let you stay anonymous on the network as it is harder for the servers to track the original address of the user.