Imagine this scenario: A new show arrived on several streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon prime video. The new show is critically acclaimed and popular with most people. The only hurdle for you is it is geo-restricted. You cannot access the content without any third application, such as a VPN service or proxy service. But there is one more option dedicated only to accessing geo-restricted websites, a smart DNS (Domain Name System) proxy. In the upcoming section, we will see how a smart DNS proxy helps to unblock streaming sites.

What Is Smart DNS Proxy?

The smart DNS proxy is created and maintained by the parent company known as “B1 Secure SP Z o.o” based in Poland with HQ in Lodz. The company started the smart DNS proxy with one thing in mind: accessing geo-restricted contents across the world without hiccups. The process is more or less the same as how proxy servers reroute the user’s internet traffic through a remote server. The main difference between the proxy and a DNS will not mask your IP address and direct only traffic needed to access streaming services.

Benefits of a Smart DNS Proxy:

Smart DNS proxies are very helpful in not triggering an automatic protection system with restricted websites. With a smart DNS proxy, you can also retain access to the limited network, which is limited to your actual IP address. You can access streaming services and watch content with 4k quality at high blazing speeds.

No lag or stuttering in internet speed while watching the content. More extended access to streaming sites without interruption from the target server-side, since the smart DNS proxy does not trigger any warnings. Not only providing access to streaming services but other social media and gaming services, such as Twitter, Facebook, Playstation, and Google. Torrenting is also better with a smart DNS proxy when compared to a VPN.

Is Smart DNS Proxy Better than Standard Proxy?

The biggest difference between a proxy and a smart DNS proxy is that the proxy hides your IP address with its IP address and makes you anonymous online. In contrast, a smart DNS proxy does not hide your IP address; it just fools the targeted websites into thinking that you are accessing the content from the desired location. The smart DNS proxy reroutes the necessary traffic data, not all the traffic; unlike a standard proxy, this approach is better when you want more speed and access to geo-restricted content. NOTE: The smart DNS proxy does not encrypt your network traffic in any form.

How Does Smart DNS Proxy Work?

Working of Smart DNS proxy

The smart DNS proxy features are similar to the proxy server; instead of masking your IP address, it simply changes the DNS of your respective device. Your web traffic is passed through a dedicated proxy server near the website or to the desired location where users can access the content.

When to Use Smart DNS Proxy?

When it comes to security and privacy, a smart DNS proxy is not suitable. If you want to access geologically restricted sites and streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO max, and BBC iplayer at high speeds, smart DNS is the way to go. Compared to other proxies and VPN services, smart DNS proxies are available at a low cost. The next advantage is that any internet-capable device can access a smart DNS proxy. The setup is effortless; you have to install the smart DNS proxy on your wifi router, and all your devices can access the streaming sites without any interruptions.

The critical thing to remember is that a smart DNS server does not unblock all the content at once. Smart DNS proxy providers offer different proxy server locations. It is recommended to check the provider’s options for the proxy server list. Another situation you want to choose a smart DNS proxy in is when your device does not support any VPN servers; for example, Sony’s Playstation console is famous for not supporting any third-party VPN servers. In those types of situations, you can use a smart DNS proxy.

Is a Smart DNS Proxy Good for Torrenting?

You may think that since a smart DNS proxy works well for streaming services, it must be suitable for torrenting. In some ways that are correct. As mentioned above a smart DNS proxy is not ideal for security and privacy, since it does not encrypt your network traffic.

When you are torrenting, a proxy sometimes does not work as intended. Sure, with a smart DNS server, you can download the content faster, but your IP address is exposed, so people can trace your activity. In those scenarios, it is best to go with a VPN server, since it is more secure than its counterparts and prevents DNS leak protection.

Still, if you are on a budget, smart DNS is a good option. The process is simple. You have to open the DNS app and filter the server based on the P2P server since the smart DNS provides the P2P server to end-users. Connect to any one of the servers of your preference and enjoy torrenting! You can check out the official smart DNS proxy’s website here.

NOTE: The smart DNS proxy does collect data when you connect to the network. But smart DNS does give you a heads-up when collecting data. The information it collects consists of two things: IP addresses and the total data used per day.


1. What does the smart DNS proxy do?

A smart DNS proxy is an encrypted DNS server used to access streaming sites. The functionality of a smart DNS server is the same as standard proxies, with one significant difference: a smart DNS proxy does not hide your IP address as a proxy.

2. Is a smart DNS proxy free?

You can try the smart DNS service as a free trial; once the trial period is over, you can purchase subscription-based DNS servers.

3. Is a smart DNS proxy server the same as a VPN?

No, smart DNS proxy servers are different from VPNs. As opposed to a VPN, a Smart DNS proxy server does not mask your IP address, which causes the smart DNS to lack security features compared to its counterparts.


A smart DNS proxy server is the best alternative for proxies and VPNs if you are on a tight budget and only need to access geo-restricted streaming services and content. The smart DNS proxy has a native app that supports macOS, Windows clients, Linux, and Android. Start your free trial today and access Netflix and other streaming platforms to your heart’s content!