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What Are Static Residential Proxies? – A Complete Guide

Proxies, Apr-03-20225 mins read

Proxy servers provide a lot of benefits for their users. It hides or masks our IP addresses and exchanges them with a different one. This way, our original IP address will be less vulnerable to internet attacks.  But what is an IP address and why is it dangerous when exposed? Well, an IP address is

Proxy servers provide a lot of benefits for their users. It hides or masks our IP addresses and exchanges them with a different one. This way, our original IP address will be less vulnerable to internet attacks. 

But what is an IP address and why is it dangerous when exposed?

Well, an IP address is a unique serial code assigned to each device when it connects to the internet. It enables the communication between devices and is responsible for tracking the device’s location.

However, if your internet connection is from common household wifi, then you also have a residential IP address. This is automatically given by your internet service provider (ISP) when you sign up for their services.

Residential IP Addresses

A residential IP or residential proxy is permissible by law and has a physical location attached to it. It is usually registered under the name of your ISP. It will then be associated with the homeowner and his location. Basically, instead of a single device, a residential IP is associated with a household.

These IPs are much easier to locate. What’s worse is that it usually allows ISPs and other websites to collect your online traces. This is why you often see advertisements that are related to your previous searches.

Now, can you see why proxies are important?

Proxy servers assure us that our internet traces will not be seen online. It gives us security and peace of mind that our data and information will not be leaked. This can save us from a lot of troubles, hackers and scams that freely roam around the web. It could save the users from seeing a ton of ads too!

Static Residential Proxies And What Can It Do for You

If you want to hide your device’s internet activities, then a simple proxy server will do the job for you. But if you wish to hide the activities you do when using your residential IP, then a static residential proxy might be a lot of help.

Residential static proxies on their own assign you a dedicated IP address to hide your original residential IPs. This process also allows you to stay anonymous online. It is because the website you visit faces a much harder time detecting them than other proxy types.

Static residential proxies are a combination of both residential and data center proxies. It has the maximum anonymity of a residential proxy and the speed of a data center proxy. Best of both worlds indeed!

Benefits of Static Residential Proxy

  1. Overall Network Protection

Secure web surfing is one of the main reasons why people opt to use proxies in general. It has been stated enough. Obviously, nobody wants their data and personal information floating around the web, right?!

  1. Fast and Reliable Internet Connection

This kind of proxy can provide you with a fast internet connection as it can support even the highest bandwidths. Service providers like ProxyScrape also have millions of IP proxy networks which makes your connection more reliable.

  1. Website Banning Exemptions

Static residential proxies also allow you to use the same IP address as a residential user for as long as you want. Since it is a static proxy, it is impossible for you to be blocked or banned from websites that forbid changing of IP addresses.

  1. Data Theft Prevention

Residential static proxies allow us to enter our information safely. Especially when we fill out online forms that involve our usernames and passwords. It also is helpful when accessing online banks and personal datasheets.

  1. Change of Pinned Location

Yes, proxies do hide our locations too. But what’s even better is that static residential proxies allow us to change our location. Of course, the country of service varies depending on your provider.

Static Residential Proxies for Work or Business

Of course, static residential proxies are not limited to personal use. In an age where many people opt to work from home, proxies are vital.

For example, when you are scraping a site to gather data. Some websites can implement strict rules that could hinder you from accessing their site. A static residential proxy will assure you that the scrapping process will run smoothly.

Another good example is when you access valuable company data. Without proxies, you can easily be hacked which can cause a data breach. If so, you will be in trouble! A residential static proxy makes sure that no one aside from yourself can reach this data. It hides your true IP so potential hackers could only see the fake Ip provided by the proxy.

What to Look for in a Residential Static Proxy?

There are a lot of companies that offer static residential proxies. If it is your first time searching for it then you could easily be overwhelmed. But don’t worry! Here are some of the most important aspects you should look for in a proxy service provider:

  1. Affordability

Of course, a proxy should be within your budget. It is important to find a provider that gives the most out of your bucks!

  1. Number of Available Countries

The proxy service provider’s location is one important aspect that you should take note of. Of course, if you can choose the one with the most available countries then it will allow you to maximize what you pay for!

  1. Accessibility

It is essential that your provider has a lot of proxy servers available. This way, you will be sure that you will not run out of proxy servers to use.

  1. Reliability

Your service provider should provide a huge up-time percentage. You wouldn’t want a proxy that is down all the time, right?

  1. Speed

Of course, who wouldn’t want a fast connection especially when you pay for it? Make sure that the provider you will choose provides a fast internet connection.


We can’t deny that internet connection is now a need and not just a mere luxury. Hence, using proxies is more essential now than ever. With better networking speeds, safety and assured browser security, a static residential proxy is all you need to safeguard your home network from phishing and malware attacks. This and the comfort of working from home using your household network is an added advantage for these types of proxies.