5 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Traffic Generation Proxies
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Traffic Generation Proxies have a huge impact on business these days. Gaining more visitor counts on a website is the primary task of any business. A web page with high internet traffic can achieve more sales than other web pages on the Search Engine Results. Marketers make use of visitor counts to boost their sales rate. Apart from human traffic, business people also use machine-generated traffic to show high results. This article will briefly describe the importance of proxies for traffic generations in the field of digital marketing.

Traffic Generation Proxies in Business

Though real human traffic is highly authentic and useful in boosting sales rates, sometimes business people prefer generating traffic using traffic generator tools. The web pages that appear in the top positions of the Search Engine Results Page are more likely to gain more clicks. So people focus more on implementing Search Engine Optimization techniques to rank their web pages in the top positions.

Real human traffic can not bring a huge impact on the websites, so the business marketers rely more on fake traffic that is generated by automation software. Artificial traffic is bot-generated traffic that is produced by traffic generation proxies. The traffic generator tools, like best traffic bots or traffic generation proxies, create unlimited traffic, so the website may stand out among its competitors with huge visitor statistics.

Proxy Features in Traffic Generation

Proxy means a component that acts on behalf of other devices. Proxy servers are the physical devices or websites that act as a representative of other devices. They communicate with the destination server with their IP addresses by hiding the original identity of the client.

Speed – Proxies with high bandwidth speed up the process and reduces the time taken to complete a task. This feature of proxies helps users repeatedly visit the sites in a short time so the website will gain huge traffic.

Anonymity – As proxy servers use the IP addresses of their proxies it ensures the anonymity of the user who is accessing the sites. This anonymity factor allows a user to access the sites with multiple accounts pretending to be unique users.

Global Access – Proxies have geo-targeting options to choose the IP address location of multiple countries across the globe, which helps people unblock the restricted sites. Using these proxy addresses people can easily create traffic from different sources.

Why Use Traffic Generation Proxies?

The traffic module helps marketers in various aspects to boost the sales conversion rate. Here are a few reasons why business people should use traffic generator tools with proxies. 

Reduces Your Efforts

Usually, marketers will put their efforts into gaining traffic to the website. They will focus on SEO techniques and other services like brand marketing, social media marketing, and a few other techniques to drive sales to their business. But, these traffic generation proxies bring down their workloads and generate traffic on their own. With the help of proxies and their global access, marketers can generate immense traffic on their sites.

Hard to Track the Traffic Source

Traffic generation works with the idea of increasing the visitors with fake traffic. The traffic they bring to the sites is not from real users. In this case, even if the Internet Service Providers or the web servers can not track the originality of the source. The proxies increase anonymity with proxy chaining and proxy pools technique and make it hard for the server-side to track the actual IP addresses of the users.

Increases SERP Ranks

The bot-generated traffic increases the search engine rank of your website. So, when people search for some relevant content, the search engine will put your site at the top so there are more possibilities for people to click and look into your site. As CTR (click-through rate) is the most important metric to measure the sales rate, the websites that use traffic generation proxies have a high possibility to win sales.


Apart from a sales perspective, the nonhuman traffic also helps in testing the capacity of the site. It is necessary to test the endurance capacity of the site once they are built. The marketers will perform load testing to learn how much traffic load their site could handle. To find this out, they generate and send large amounts of traffic to the server to ensure the system does not crash while handling the load. They also perform endurance testing to check the limit of the server and see how much the server can endure.

Traffic from Desired Locations

As proxies have geo-targeting options, they will furnish IP addresses of multiple countries across the globe. Some websites prefer more visitors from a particular country to build their business in those locations.

How Traffic Generation Proxies Work

Working model of Traffic Generation Proxies

A traffic bot is a software that is designed to repeat tasks an infinite number of times. These bots refresh the system and repeat the process back to back. Traffic bots depend on proxies for ensuring anonymity for each visit. Proxies with their proxy pools assign a new address for each time the bot visits the website. So, the bot can repeat the task numerous times and make them appear like real human traffic.


Generating traffic with proxies helps users build a traffic module that looks more like a real one. Here are some of their advantages. 

Increases the Visibility – Traffic generation proxies are responsible for increasing the visibility of the product to the public. Google Analytics usually displays the sites with high traffic at the top of the search results page. This increases the possibility of converting visitors into customers, which will eventually boost the sales of the business.

Input for Testing – Fake traffic acts as an input to perform load testing and endurance testing of the website. The web servers may crash when it receives more traffic than their capacity. To check the endurance capacity of the website, people use a website traffic generator tool that sends unlimited traffic to the site that checks the extent of the webserver.

Multiple options – Proxy providers like Proxyscrape furnish proxies of multiple options, like shared proxies and dedicated proxies with different protocol types, like HTTP, Socks4, and Socks5


Even the best tools have some drawbacks. Traffic generation proxies are not an exception. Here is a list of the disadvantages of fake traffic.

  • Generating traffic through fake visitors statistics is not an ethical practice to improve the visibility of the website. This method guides marketers to implement illegal measures to develop their business.
  • Recording more traffic may improve the possibility of securing a high search engine rank, but they do not directly contribute to the sales conversion rate. All the visitors who look into the sites will not necessarily engage with purchases. Converting them into customers is a major task of business marketers.
  • The Internet Service Providers or the web server may get suspicious seeing the unlimited traffic that is recorded on their sites. This may lead them to track the source of the traffic. Also, the abnormal traffic rate may bring down the functionalities of the site which can increase the possibility of a system crash.

Example of Traffic Generation

Internet traffic is not only the visitor counts of the websites. It also includes the follower count of social media sites, like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, or YouTube. The likes, views, and follower count of Instagram or Facebook build a positive image of the profile in the view of the public. YouTube is a social platform where the channels work to increase their pay with subscription and view count. One best way to increase the subscription count is to pretend that the channels are already well-established channels by faking the traffic rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to generate traffic with SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best and rightful methods to increase the website’s real traffic. Focusing on SEO techniques, like link-building and keyword optimization can increase internet traffic.

Can I depend only on proxies for traffic generation?

Though traffic generation proxies send traffic in huge numbers to websites and can improve their business in a short amount of time, those will likely not result in business with actual sales. Proxy-generated traffic just stands as a chance to make people see your business. So, depending only on proxies will not take the business forward. Marketers should focus on their conversion rate after gaining users’ attention with fake traffic.

Can high traffic crash my site?

When the website is loaded with unlimited traffic, the web servers fail to handle the excess load. this may crash your web server. Proxies are capable of handling these issues as well. Using the load balancing technique, proxies distribute the traffic to the nearest proxy and reduce the load on a single server.


Traffic generator tools provide quality traffic to sites that can boost their sales rate tenfold. If your major focus is to drive traffic to your sites, choose traffic generation proxies along with the best traffic bots. These tools can bring unlimited traffic to your sites. Make sure the bots do not overload the website with their traffic. At the end of the day, it is advisable to use this fake traffic only for good reasons, like research purposes. 

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