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How to Boost Soundcloud Plays Using Proxies & Bots

Proxies, Nov-02-20215 mins read

If you’re a musician, you know how exciting a career it is to be a part of. Music is everyone’s ideal dream career, with billions to trillions of dollars in net earnings and all the glory and celebrity that comes with it. However, as a musician, you are well aware that fame and recognition come

If you’re a musician, you know how exciting a career it is to be a part of. Music is everyone’s ideal dream career, with billions to trillions of dollars in net earnings and all the glory and celebrity that comes with it. However, as a musician, you are well aware that fame and recognition come with a price.

Simply having a lovely voice and creative abilities will not lead you to the top, especially if you’re a novice in the field. You’ll also need to know how to market yourself.

So, in this post, we’ll look into SoundCloud, a platform that can help you advance your music career. In addition, you’ll learn how to utilize proxies to get the maximum out of this environment. Before that, if you haven’t heard of Soundcloud, here’s a quick primer. 

Those who are already familiar with it can skip the part below and go right to the next.

Overview of the SoundCloud environment

SoundCloud is a music-focused platform powered by a worldwide community of artists and listeners that focus on what’s new, now, and in the future of music. Its main objective is to empower artists with appropriate tools to grow and build their careers. They’re the most prominent audio platform globally, with over 250 million tracks from 30 million artists across 190 countries.

It lets musicians upload up to 3 hours of their tracks for free. In turn, Users can listen to any of these tracks for free. Post this period you would have the option of moving into the premium package.

Now you have an understanding of what the SoundCloud platform is. You have to keep in mind that creating an account in SoundCloud gives you a profile to post music tracks and do other activities like following, liking other tracks, and reposting. 

Most importantly, SoundCloud is a platform like Twitter handle where you need to engage with others to boost your metrics which you will discover in the section below.

What are the metrics that you need to succeed at SoundCloud?

Making your mark in the SoundCloud environment is by no means a task within your comfort zone due to the increasingly competitive nature of the music market.

Standing ahead of your competitors or fellow artists in SoundCloud depends on several social markers:

The number of plays on SoundCloud

When a user plays and listens to your song, it is known as plays on SoundCloud. It serves as a fundamental measure of success to rank your track above other musicians. If users listen to your track multiple times, it will convince the new users that your music is worth listening to.

The number of likes you have for your track

Likes are a metric that affects the ranking of your song in SoundCloud browsing. As an artist, you could upload any number of tracks for free with the given time frame. You have to make sure that you create amazing content in order for the users to find and like them.

When you’ve registered with SoundCloud, you’re also supposed to engage with the community, including liking their tracks. So when you like the other musician’s tracks, it will alert them to your presence. The goal here is to have “like” to “like”. You are the one who would need to initiate it if you’re already starting on SoundCloud.

Commenting on tracks

By commenting on your fellow musician’s tracks, it is one way in which you could help your potential followers to be aware of you. So it would help if you leave some excellent comments on their tracks and then send private messages appreciating their work. In turn, you can also request them to listen to your tracks.

If they find your tracks worth their time, they would most likely like, comment on them and share them with their audience on SoundCloud. This would further act as a catalyst to boost your rankings.

Reposting tracks

Again, this is all about interaction showing that you care for others on the platform. If you know a friend or a fellow musician who has uploaded a great album, you can repost a few tracks from that album. Then they will appear on your profile and feed. As a result, your followers would be able to listen to those tracks as well.

The likely outcome of this reposting is that other musicians will be able to do the same if they find an interesting piece out of your tracks.

How to successfully promote your music on SoundCloud?

Are your tracks in SoundCloud not generating any hits as you expected? Or are you a novice in SoundCloud with zero followers and comments having a hard time promoting your plays?

Do not get disheartened. If you know the basic principles of promotion in the music industry, you can devise a strategy to earn a fortune with a SoundCloud profile. So, first things first.

First of all, you must realize that to accomplish success in SoundCloud, you need to have a higher value for your play count: the number of times users click on the play link on your tracks. As a result, it would boost the confidence of new listeners who would be attracted to click on your tracks, making your profile credible.

So there are three primary ways of incrementing the number of plays for your account:

Earn SoundCloud plays through organic traffic

This method requires some hard work on your part in addition to your career commitments as a musician. Also, it would test your patience. This is because driving fruitful results through organic methods would take a considerable amount of time.

Nevertheless, here is what you need to do:

  1. Create unique content that stands apart: First of all, you need to create quality music for anyone to share the content.
  2. Promote your content by interacting with fellow musicians: You need to connect with musicians in the same genre as yours within the SoundCloud environment. Then like, comment, and repost, as I have mentioned in the previous section. If your music is good, they would likely share it with their audience.
  3. Cross-promote with other platforms: One significant way of getting a massive volume of traffic to SoundCloud is to cross-promote the tracks with other platforms. These include Youtube, Tumbler, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.
  4. Never untag your music tracks:  It makes listeners’ jobs a lot easier when they search on SoundCloud when you use the appropriate tags for your music. It would be pretty handy to research it.
  5. Run contests on Social Media: For instance, you can create a competition on social media to select a winner based on the number of times they have followed your music. Then a winner gets a free ticket for an event that interests them.

As you have just seen, this option requires additional effort at the top of your career as a musician. These methods may not generate traffic instantly as it takes a considerable amount of time to generate organic traffic. Besides, why would anyone bother to listen or like your track when they have never heard of you before?

Therefore it brings you to consider the next option, seeking help from a SoundCloud promotion agency.

Use a SoundCloud promotion agency.

When you hire a SoundCloud promotion company, your profile will go through multiple cycles. These cycles are in increasing the number of plays, listens, and followers on your account. It would also repost your plays on numerous channels which the company exclusively owns.

As a consequence, your profile would appear to be entirely credible.

Additionally, hiring an experienced SoundCloud marketing firm will expose you to a large audience. Such firms have several accounts that promote many artists with a large fan base.

However, it would help if you knew these tips before considering a  SoundCloud promotion agency:

Tips to remember before handing over to a SoundCloud promotion agency

  • From behind the scenes, the SoundCloud promotion agencies use rotating residential proxies to play the same track repeatedly to increment the number of listens. You could consider doing it with the use of a bot for a relatively lower price, which we will discuss below.
  • Although there are some exceptions, hiring a SoundCloud promotion agency is all about boosting your play count. Still, you would have to do the marketing to make a name for yourself, as mentioned in the previous section.
  • Although the SoundCloud promotion company increments the play count, you don’t know who listened to your music and where they are located.
  • You need to be aware that it’s not uncommon to find scammers. They may promise heaps of things by ripping you off with a hefty sum of money, but they deliver mediocre quality. So always read agency reviews before deciding to move ahead with it.

On the other hand, hiring a SoundCloud promotion agency also has cons:

  • It’s better to start with some number of plays rather than with nothing.
  • It would boost your social credibility because your profile will appear as popular when they increase your play count.
  • In turn, it would attract more attention from the public, media, record companies, and agents.
  • You can get people to start talking about it, which would lead the way to more likes and comments.

Now, as you can see, with this method, you don’t have to do much except select and then pay a reputable SoundCloud promotion agency and leave the rest to them.

However, increasing your play count either manually or through an agency alone would not be sufficient. So you may have identified by now that you need both methods to generate a higher play count.

Having understood both the pros and cons of using an agency, we recommend that before doing so, you would also consider the option of boosting your plays through SoundCloud Proxies. After all, it would save money, and you have more control over the task.

Use a Soundcloud Play Bot With Proxies

With this option, you need a reputed SoundCloud bot and a set of rotating residential proxies. It will ensure that each play happens through a bot with a unique IP address.

SCPlanner and other similar apps may let you automate reposts and other activities like auto like to help you grow your Soundcloud profile.

The outcome without Proxies for Unlimited SoundCloud Plays

If SoundCloud catches you using bots on your account, not only will they ban you, but they will undoubtedly delist all your tracks as well. Ultimately, they will ban your IP address so that your chances of joining SoundCloud sometime in the future are slim.

However, choosing advanced bot technologies(which we’ll discuss below) together with rotating proxies for each track would be considered a unique play.

So then, let’s discover the types of bots and proxies that are most applicable.

What are the most suitable bots and proxies for Unlimited SoundCloud Plays?

AIOStreambot: This is a fantastic tool for optimizing your SoundCloud account’s performance. The most outstanding characteristic of this bot is that it can carry out all of the activities without being banned or suspended since it works in the same way that people do. More information is available here.

Residential proxies: Since the residential proxies originate from real residential owners, their chances of getting blocked are minute. So you need to verify with your proxy providers that they provide a pool of proxies for rotating purposes. ProxyScrape provides up to 7 million residential proxies from multiple locations across the globe. Visit our Residential proxy page for further information.


Now you have a great understanding of the SoundCloud environment and the metrics you need to have to promote your music. This article also emphasized that out of all the metrics, the plays count is the most important.

You have learned a few ways to improve your play count. Every method has its drawbacks and advantages. So we hope you”ll create unique music content and experiment with all or some techniques mentioned in this article.