Datacenter proxies are among the most widely used proxies whenever someone wants to extract data from the web or access geo-restricted sites and content. In this article, we will explore what datacenter proxies are, how do they work, their key features, and when should one use them.

Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter proxies are the IP addresses assigned from the datacenter servers. Just like ordinary proxies, they are not associated with Internet Service Provider (ISP). They are provided by the secondary corporations to provide complete authentication and anonymity.

Datacenters are buildings where many servers are housed, these servers are provided by big corporations like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and many others. 

Types of Datacenter Proxies


These are the dedicated proxies made for use by only a sole user for a certain domain or a given time.


More than one user can access these proxies at a time. They are usually paid and have better performance than public proxies. Since multiple people can access them, they might get blocked on some sites because of someone’s else actions. Compared to private proxies, shared proxies are more affordable.


These are the free proxies, and one can find and make use of these IPs for free. Being free, they are not recommended to be used for a special use case. However, they are good for changing your location.

Working of Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter proxies work the same way as normal proxies do. Instead of going directly to the server, all of your requests are passed through the proxy server. The proxy server handles the traffic and sends the request on your behalf to the web using the proxys’ IP addresses to keep you anonymous and hidden from the site. Similarly, when the required information is coming back to you, it first visits the proxy server and then returns to you. This process keeps you anonymous by protecting your privacy all the time. 

We have seen what datacenter proxies are. Let’s  have a brief look at their properties,

Key Features

Faster – Datacenter proxies are comparatively faster than other proxies, allowing you to accomplish the required work in a shorter period of time.

Harvesting Data – If your business works by harvesting data from the internet, data center proxies are the best option to go.

Protective but detectable – Although websites can detect you are using a datacenter proxy or not, they still shield your IP address. However, using private datacenter proxies eliminates the chances of getting banned or blacklisted.  

Cheaper – They are a lot cheaper and faster as compared to other proxies, and in the case of a good proxy provider, they are secure as well.

We have seen some of the key features of data center proxies. Let’s now consider some practical use cases in which they can play a significant role,

Uses of Datacenter Proxies

Keeping Anonymity

Datacenter proxies are the best way to access the internet without showcasing your actual IP address. The server’s IP address will be used, hence protecting your privacy on the internet.

Web Scraping

Most websites don’t allow the withdrawal of information from them, and one might get blocked if trying to access it using the same IP again and again. With datacenter proxies, you can use multiple IPs. In this way, the websites will not recognize you, hence providing the ease and comfort to scrap the data. 

Social Media Marketing

User accounts on social media platforms have a limit per IP. For marketers, it is important to create awareness and impact by using a different account to have a better reach. So they overcome these restrictions by using proxies, and even they automate their use and management.

Access Geo-Restricted Content

Datacenter proxies allow you to access an IP address of any location you want. So if you are trying to access the un-accessible information in one country, you can easily access it using the IP of another country in which that information is easily accessible. 

Controlling Requests

Sometimes traffic handling becomes a challenging task to do. So by using datacenter proxies, you can filter both incoming and outgoing traffic on the network. Setting up a reverse proxy server allows you to cache the content, limit access, and moderate internet use.

Sneaker Copping

Rapid selling of limited edition sneakers is very common. A bot is the best choice to make a successful purchase. A bot allows you to send multiple requests without getting banned, hence increasing the chances of purchase. Also, you can make multiple purchases using proxies because only a single purchase is allowed on one IP address.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have seen what datacenter proxies are, how they work, their key features, and some of the practical use cases in which they can be of massive help. Datacenter proxies are the easiest, secure and reliable way to resolve internet privacy issues. They also allow performing several essential tasks online like web scraping. Since there are different datacenter proxies available, so choosing the right one according to your requirements also matters a lot. For best performance for your specialized tasks, dedicated proxies are most recommended. This is because the dedicated proxies provide you with IP addresses that are unique to you. However, if you want to go for cheaper solutions and your work doesn’t require extreme anonymity, then shared and public proxies are the best choice.

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