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What Are Virgin Proxies and Why Do You Need One?

Proxies, Apr-01-20215 mins read

What comes to mind when you hear the word “proxy”? The legal phrase “by proxy,” perhaps? Maybe the last word to come to mind is “virgin.”

But virgin proxies should be on your mind. You may have heard of proxy servers. Virgin proxies — brought to you by proxy providers — are an important term in the digital world.

Find out what they are by continuing reading.

What is a vigin proxy

The virgin proxy. Let’s demystify this term.

Virgin proxies are IPv4 addresses that have never before been used to connect to the underlying online service.

A virgin proxy is an intermediary IP address for only one user. You won’t have to share it with anyone else after buying it.

Virgin proxies allow you to control which websites you access and what data you receive. Unfortunately for the vast majority of residential users, most residential proxies can’t belong solely to one user.

The vast majority of IPv4 addresses have been used before. That’s because they’re often recycled and re-designated.

Sometimes, getting a used proxy isn’t cause for concern. However, you don’t want the IP address of a former cyber-criminal. Nor do you want a blacklisted IP address.

You want a virgin proxy. Most of the time, though, these proxies aren’t absolute virgins. Instead, they haven’t yet been used for the sites in your package.

It’s so hard to find true virgin proxies that clean proxy IP addresses are the next best thing. Many proxy providers check that an IP address has never been abused before.

More About Virgin Proxies

A proxy provider also can check that an IP address stays clean. 

With virgin proxies, there’s no risk of having accounts or proxies blocked because of an abused IP. You only need virgin IP addresses on websites that require you to connect online accounts. That’s because you link your account’s history to the proxy’s IP on these sites.

Virgin proxies are usually randomized every month. That way, you can ask your provider to provide new IP addresses when one of yours is blocked or banned.

These proxies also have multiple subnets. That is, buying ten virgin proxies results in ten unique IP addresses from distinct subnets. No one will be able to make a connection between your accounts if you use your proxies to link various accounts to the same online platform.

Remember that residential proxies can’t have virgin IP addresses because they’re rented from their users. And even if you manage to snag an ostensibly virgin proxy, you have no way of knowing if it’s the real deal.

Proxies With Moxie

Virgin proxies are hard to find, but they’re out there. Even more near-virgin proxies are out there. You simply have to know which of the many proxy providers you should work with.