The importance of a good proxy server cannot be overemphasized when dealing with web scraping. You might have come across the word proxy, or this might be your first time encountering the “proxy” word. A proxy or proxy server can be likened to using another computer (IP address) to visit a website instead of using your IP address. IT would appear that all of your internet activities come from a different location when using a proxy server. Using a proxy server is very important, especially when dealing with web scraping and surfing the internet generally.

Various proxies exist with different functionalities. Some type of proxies include transparent proxy, anonymous proxy, high anonymity proxy, distorting proxy, residential proxy, data center proxy, public proxy, private proxy, dedicated proxy, rotating proxy, reversing proxy, SSL proxy, and shared proxy. While there are various proxy servers, it is crucial to examine the type of proxy server you want to use, particularly when dealing with web scraping.

This article would take a closer look at distorting proxy servers while discussing their functionality, security, benefits, and how it works.

Distorting Proxy

What differentiates distorting proxy from other proxies is that it can alter the HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) header of a user’s IP. This is done to conceal the user’s original IP address helping to protect their personal information while accessing the internet or during web scraping. With a distorting proxy server, users can access remote websites without selling out their identities.

One of the main benefits of using a distorting proxy server (as is the case with using any proxy server) is the security from malicious attackers on the internet. There is also the advantage of avoiding identity theft when web scraping or surfing the internet. Additionally, distorting proxy servers facilitates the concealing of your original IP address to web administrators and hackers on the internet, which can endanger you.

How a distorting proxy works

The working principles of a distorting proxy are simple and easy, just like other proxy servers. They act as a gateway between the user and the endpoint website. They also act as a moderator that can alter the user’s HTTP headers and conceal their original IP. The distorting server secures sensitive user information, geographical location, browser details, Operating system, and other information.

A distorting proxy’s security is not 100% guaranteed, and there are certain risks you face when using a distorting proxy. In some cases, an admin can discover that you are using a proxy to visit their website.

Benefits of a distorting proxy


The very first benefit that any organization, business, or person receives from using proxies, including distorting proxy, is the security it offers. A distorting proxy offer users security from hackers and cybercriminals looking to access their sensitive information on the internet.

Get around blocked content or restricted content

Some websites have location-based restrictions, while some companies also have restrictions for certain websites. With distorting proxies, you can visit these restricted sites without worrying about these restrictions as your IP address is being concealed with distorting proxies.

Anonymity and improved privacy

the IP address of the user is concealed or masked. There is a high level of anonymity when visiting the internet or when web scraping. This improves your privacy and prevents hackers from accessing your computer.

Better connection speed

You might be surprised to see this but distorting proxies have one characteristic; they support fast caching. This help users access the different site with reduced load time and reduced bandwidth usage. A robust caching system implies better connection speed for the user.

Bypassing anti-scraping tools and other security controls

This is most likely the most important benefit of distorting proxies for web scrapers. Most websites use the User-Agent (UA) that contains the user’s OS version, browser info, browser version, language, and other details to block automated scraping tools. The website can block crawlers and web scrapers based on the user agent. Distorting proxy generates an HTTP request header, and this solves the problem of UA standard checks.


With the advancements in technology, proxy server providers will be looking towards more innovations to find better ways to improve users’ data security. Proxy servers can be good to use, but it is advisable to be careful and watchful when using them for web scraping and surfing the internet. There are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to using different proxy servers. Still, the safe thing to do is to carry out due diligence when picking a proxy server or a proxy service provider.

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