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Why you should choose a Dedicated Proxy over a Shared Proxy

Proxies, Apr-00-20215 mins read
Proxies are becoming an integral part of today’s business world. Proxies are not just helping in masking IP addresses and accessing geo-restricted websites, but they also provide a wide range of other benefits to businesses. Proxies help businesses in their brand marketing and promotion, empowering them to reach a bigger audience scale. But making up your mind for the proxy is one thing and picking up the right type of proxy is another element. Presently, businesses have two main choices, i.e., either they can go for dedicated proxy or shared proxy. But, instead of letting you randomly pick one of them, this article presents all the major reasons why dedicated proxy is far better than the shared proxy.

What is a Dedicated Proxy?

A dedicated proxy, also termed as a private proxy, is the proxy that allocates a separate IP address to each user. With unique IP addresses, it provides the best privacy that you want while using the internet. Most users opt for the dedicated proxy when they want to use the same IP address for a long period.

A dedicated proxy provides enhanced loading speed, as you have a unique IP address with more bandwidth. This dramatically reduces lags and streamlines your internet usage. In addition, the dedicated IP address means more privacy and security, which reduces the chance of network penetration by hackers.

What is a Shared Proxy?

A shared proxy is a proxy that is shared with multiple users at the same moment. Shared proxies are commonly used when the requirements are just to hide identity while using the internet, connect with different geolocation, bypass web filters, web scraping, and similar others.

IP address presents your internet identity, which can help anyone to extract information about you or your location. With the shared proxy, you are using the same IP address allocated to other users, so you won’t get the top-notch speed that is needed in the present era. But one of the appealing features of a shared proxy is its cheap cost.

6 Reasons to opt for Dedicated Proxy over a Shared Proxy

Both shared proxy and dedicated proxy present different benefits that encourage users to opt for them based on their needs. But the dedicated proxy is a lot superior to the shared proxy. So, if you are thinking of choosing between shared proxy or dedicated proxy, or you are already using the shared proxy, then the following six reasons will make it clear to you why dedicated proxy is the right one to pick:

1. Speed

The present business world is rapidly shifting towards digitalization, which has increased the competitive environment. This has made businesses invest heavily in applications and websites, which also need to be at the top level of their performance. In such situations, speed is a crucial element to gain the attention and traffic of customers. But the speed of your network is associated with the type of proxy you choose from.

In shared proxies, multiple users are attached with the same IP address, so it increases the server’s time for responding to the requests. This significantly impacts the speed of your website and customer experience. On the other hand, dedicated proxies are best in terms of speed, as each person is assigned a unique IP address. Thereby, they experience fast response from the server, more enhanced customer experience, and more privacy. Besides that, dedicated proxies are also ideal for addressing multiple tasks and avoiding server bandwidth overloading.

2. Blockage from Social Networks

When the proxy’s purpose is to do web scraping without leaving any footprints, then shared proxies aren’t that friendly. Many major social networks do not allow shared proxy users to access the content of their sites. This stops businesses from scraping such websites for extracting valuable insights for business growth. But if you are associated with a dedicated proxy, then you won’t face such hurdles very quickly. You can easily do web scraping using your own dedicated IP address, along with the fast browsing speed.

3. Reliability

One of the major concerns with shared proxies is that they are not as reliable as dedicated proxies. When multiple users are attached with the same proxy, then you cannot consider the IP address totally reliable. With the dedicated proxy, you get more privacy and reliability surety due to isolation from other users with the dedicated IP address.

4. Business Reputation

In this rising privacy concerned world, a business using the shared proxy isn’t given the same respect compared to the one using the dedicated proxy. Usually, people confuse free shared proxy with paid shared proxy, so they expect that the business won’t provide the privacy and security that it can provide if the business is using the dedicated proxy. Therefore, business reputation is affected in the case of shared proxy.

5. Costs

Some may consider that cost is the one drawback associated with the dedicated proxy compared to the shared proxy, but it is still one of the reasons that make dedicated proxy superior to the shared proxy. What would you like to pick; paying high for a dedicated and fast IP address or paying less for getting a shared IP address? There is no way that a shared proxy can be reliable and fast compared to what you can get in the case of the dedicated proxy. Additionally, shared proxy providers provide a considerable number of IP addresses per package. So, if your business needs only a limited number of IP addresses, then you are wasting money on the extra ones. For example, you subscribed to a package that provides 50 IPs, but your need is only 10 IPs, then you are wasting the unused and paid 40 IPs.

On the other hand, the dedicated proxy costs high, but it provides unique IP addresses, along with the speed, reliability, and premium services that are worth the money. All it takes is to look for the best dedicated proxy service providers that are cost-friendly and also provide the best services.

6. Neighbor Effect

When you are using a shared IP address, you might suffer from an act you weren’t part of. This happens when one of the other users does something that is against the ethics of that site, resulting in the blockage of that IP address. So, neither you nor other users sharing the same IP address will be able to reaccess the site.

The neighbor effect problem is very well addressed when you opt for the dedicated proxy. When you are using a dedicated IP address, you have complete control of how you use the proxy. So, if you follow the sites’ ethics, you can keep visiting them as long as you need.


It is true that the dedicated proxy requires a financial commitment, but compared to the premium features it provides, it worth every penny. Shared proxy is only recommended when the proxy use is minimal, like access geo-restricted content, hide identity, web scraping, financial concerns, etc. In a nutshell, to get the best benefit out of a proxy, the dedicated proxy is undoubtedly the best choice businesses have in the present era. 

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