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10 Best Data Center Proxy providers

Proxies, May-03-20215 mins read

No one can deny the importance of a good proxy server for web data extraction, website performance testing, and other activities. There are plenty of other use cases in which proxies could be of massive help—for example, bypassing geo-restrictions or hiding identity.

Proxies keep you anonymous by acting as a gateway between you and the internet. They will keep you hidden from the spying eyes present on the internet by shifting your identity to the other parts of the world.

Every proxy comes with its own use-cases. Some clearly are better than others in some aspects and vice versa. So it is essential to choose a proxy that fits you best according to your requirements. In this article, we will be talking about the most famous Data Center proxy providers. We will also see the details of each proxy and when to use which one according to their needs. So let’s start one by one.


No doubt, it is one of the best proxy services as compared to others. When it comes to proxies, this company has done the most impressive job to target the market. The company possesses a pool of 40k plus datacenter proxies. Not only this, they have an uptime guarantee of 99% and provides their users with unlimited bandwidth. Furthermore, it provides three different kinds of services.

When it comes to user demands, their premium proxies are the cheapest shared datacenter proxies with unlimited bandwidth, which no other proxy service provider provides at such an amazing price. Currently, they have their services available in the US, Brazil, India, and Germany, while they are planning to expand to France and Vietnam. So look no further for buying their amazing proxies if ProxyScrape is available at your required location. 

Some of the most in-demand usecase  which can be performed using their service are, 

  • Web Scraping.
  • Market Research.
  • SEO monitoring.
  • Ecommerce.
  • Brand Protection.
  • Ad Verification.
  • Cybersecurity.
  • Website Testing.

This proxy has an excellent reputation among its clients. If you are new to proxies and don’t know which one to use, then the safest bet is the ProxyScrape. 

One of the most remarkable features of using this proxy is that they offer both dedicated and shared IPs with unlimited concurrent requests. Managing your IPs is extremely easy using ProxyScrape. Besides having an excellent performance and ease of use.

Blazing Proxies

Blazing proxies was founded by Blazing SEO back in 2015. They offer a wide range of services. They have a very large datacenter network compared to other services, and they have left a very impressive impact on the market by offering their top-notch services. They offer both shared and dedicated proxies for those who need clean addresses for some sensitive tasks like search engine scraping or bulk account registration.

They expand to over 28 locations and have hundreds of subnets for their users. Their service supports HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS connections that include unlimited bandwidth and threads that can run at a speed of 1 GB/s and includes automatic proxy replacements per month. 


It’s another amazing service that has a pool of both datacenter and residential proxies and more specialized services such as Instagram proxies, sneaker proxies, Craigslist proxies, and many others. The company is famous for providing its unique services and has been present in the market for a long time, and has a provision of over 10 million proxies. However, residential proxies utilize much of their IPs, and they have only 40000 addresses being allocated in data centers. The number of data center proxies it provides is not so appealing, but still, one can play around with 40k addresses.

When it comes to location, Smartproxy has servers all over Europe and the US and can work exclusively with shared data center proxies. Similar to ProxyScrape, they also guarantee 99% uptime. Furthermore, Smartproxy also provides unlimited threads with all packages. 


If you are specifically looking for dedicated proxies, Oxylabs is one of the largest networks of dedicated proxies in the market. It has a pool of over 2 million dedicated proxies. Moreover, it also poses 102million residential proxies, which is also the biggest residential network. They offer their proxies in 100+ locations worldwide, including some major countries like India, Russia, Germany, the US, UK, and many more. Due to their extensive location coverage, their proxies are perfect in terms of speed and performance.
They have a very quick and easy setup process with a 99% uptime guarantee time. Furthermore, they have a very user-friendly interface. The biggest claim of Oxylabs is that their proxies are the best for web scraping, and they are trying their level best to find clean proxies for the sites to be scraped. Some of the other use cases for which their proxies are famous are market research, brand protection, ad verification, and travel fare aggregation.


The company started by offering reliable backconnect rotating proxies. It is also one of the youngest proxy providers in the market. The company has expanded by providing a range of services that includes dedicated proxies for Instagram, Facebook, ticketing sites, and many more. They have a pool of both residential and datacenter proxies. Their IP pool of datacenter proxies extends more than 70,000 addresses located primarily in the US and Europe. They provide both shared and dedicated data center proxies.

They possess unique shared proxies as they develop three methods of rotating IPs – IPs rotate at every HTTP request rotate after every 15 minutes. This makes their proxies best for every online activity giving the users a lot of options to work with. Also, their proxies are highly anonymous and optimized for extreme performance. These proxies are best for general use but not recommended for specific purposes.

My Private Proxy

It is one of the most famous proxy providers leading the market for many years. They are considered the most reliable proxy providers and have the provision of both shared and private proxies. If you are looking for dedicated proxies for sneaker sites, PokemonGo, ticketing sites, then no other option is better than this MPP proxy provider. They possess over 23,000 data center proxies. They cover the major parts of the US and also various parts of Europe.

They have somewhat similar features for both the shared and private proxy packages. Some of their unique features include instant activation, IP and username/password authentication, highly anonymous, a fully automated control panel, and many more. They also offer unlimited bandwidth, non-sequential IPs, and free monthly replacements of IPs that no longer work as intended.

SSL Private Proxy

SSL Private Proxy offers a wide range of VPN and proxy-related services.  The company has been around in the market for more than seven years, and they not only provide shared and private proxies but are also famous for their provisions of specialized packages for sneaker sites, video games, social media platforms, and many more. They have a pool of over more than 120,000 dedicated proxies, with data centers located in 40 cities of North America and Europe.

Their unique feature includes supporting both the HTTP and HTTPS connections, offering high anonymous proxies, and a monthly randomization feature. Their proxies are also optimized for SEO, search engine scraping, YouTube, and social media platforms.


This proxy provider works exclusively with data center proxies. Their primary concern is privacy and security so that the user may get a high level of anonymity with these proxies. Their pool is smaller as compared to other companies, consisting of only 10,000 dedicated proxies. However, their proxies performance and reliability are much higher as the IPs are stored in the state-of-the-art datacenters, and the company owns 100% of the inventory. They offer both shared and private data center proxies. 

Some of their unique features that the users enjoy the most are unlimited bandwidth, non-sequential IPs, and speed up to 1GB/s. Their proxies are highly anonymous, and the user has the option to control everything using the intuitive control panel. When it comes to location coverage, they are very good at it. Their servers are installed all across North America and other parts of Europe. 

High Proxies

High Proxies offers reliable services at competitive prices and operates across most of the United States and Europe, among other regions. Their network expands 25000 IPs spread across different locations. They offer various exceptional services, including shared and private proxies, VPNs, and very affordable dedicated proxy packages for social media and ticketing sites. High Proxies is considered to be the premium provider of proxy services, having no major difference in the prices than other companies.

 However, their proxies are not recommended for sneaker sites, but they are good to go for everything else. SEO, scraping, and social media are the most common use cases in which these proxies are best. Moreover, they also provide unlimited bandwidth, monthly randomization, and IP whitelisting.  

Squid Proxies

Squid Proxies is most suitable for users who need fast servers and worldwide coverage. The company’s proxies are famous for their superb performance, and one can find both shared and dedicated proxy packages. Besides having good coverage in North America and Europe, they have servers in Asia, Australia, India, and the Middle East.

Their proxies are highly anonymous and offer and support both HTTP and HTTPS connections. They have a very straightforward and fast setup process with minimal configuration needed. The nicest thing about Squid Proxies is that they offer free new proxies once per month upon request.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have seen the top ten data centers proxies. No doubt ProxyScrape leads the way among all others if the service is available at your place. However, if not, we have covered other exceptional services that might fit best according to your needs. We have gone into an in-depth analysis of each proxy provider, also covering their unique features. I hope this article will be beneficial while choosing the proxy according to your demands. That was it, see you in the following articles.

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