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Category: Marketing

Using Firmographic Data for Marketing

When it comes to personalization in target marketing, it is harder for B2B marketers to neglect the value of firmographic data. Although the stats show that personalization enhances customer relationships and thus the conversion rates, many organizations have struggled to develop personalization strategies using existing data.  This article will provide you with an overview of […]

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How you can Utilize Proxies for better Affiliate Marketing

Without a doubt, affiliate marketing is a lucrative business to be part of. However, affiliate marketing involves many challenges. These challenges are evident with the rise of affiliate fraud on the one hand. Then, on the other hand, lack of a mechanism to test affiliate links in case of geo-targeting. If you are an ambitious […]

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How web scraping is used to perform better in marketing

For marketers, it has always been the top priority to surpass others and emerge differently and successfully. These days launching a good product or fantastic service is not enough to capture the market. It requires a lot of analysis and a good implementation strategy to be on the top. For reliable research and analysis, it […]

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