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How web scraping is used to perform better in marketing

Marketing, Scraping, Mar-01-20215 mins read

For marketers, it has always been the top priority to surpass others and emerge differently and successfully. These days launching a good product or fantastic service is not enough to capture the market. It requires a lot of analysis and a good implementation strategy to be on the top. For reliable research and analysis, it

For marketers, it has always been the top priority to surpass others and emerge differently and successfully. These days launching a good product or fantastic service is not enough to capture the market. It requires a lot of analysis and a good implementation strategy to be on the top.

For reliable research and analysis, it is essential to have adequate planning, which is possible through information. There are tons of data present on the internet, which can be transformed into useful information according to the market demands.

Web Scraping is a process to extract large amounts of data from the website in an automated, structured form. The art of web scraping allows marketers to gather the right information. Marketers can use this information, later on, to make remarkable insights and nurture their campaigns.

We will now figure out how web scraping (also called web data extraction) could be most rewarding in every step of marketing.

Let’s discuss this one by one,

Figuring Out the Competition

There is intense competition on the internet, which keeps on increasing as the number of businesses is shifting more towards it. Competitor research is the first step that helps marketers to observe the environment. Understanding the trailed, trusted strategies and then making your effective move can help to overshadow others.

“If you want to achieve success, all you need to do is find a way to model those who have already succeeded” – Tony Robbins

The competitors’ websites are a great source of information. Web Scraping can help to fetch this information and feed it to your business. Let’s say you are running an eCommerce store and you are unaware of the market demands that a particular product has. Web scraping can give you better insights by gathering the competitors’ data like their pricing information, pricing plans, events in which they are interested, offers going on, and the product features they are providing. This type of information can help you launch a better product than other vendors present in the market. Furthermore, it will also help to target the customer demands in a better way.

The other types of essential data that the websites may contain are new product launches, blogs, leadership pages, etc.

Effective and frequent monitoring of the scraped data allows for better idea generation and gives your competitors a tough time.

Dealing With Demography

Hijacking the customer’s attention is very important in the present era. Showcasing the product is not enough to run successful marketing shows. One has to understand the sensitive customer needs because customers like attention and appreciate the ease of use. Building an emotional connection with the customer is very important to understand the customer’s needs.

If observed, demography is a vast area that requires thorough and in-depth analysis. Some of the demographic aspects like lifestyle, position, gender, age, geography, etc., can be very useful for capturing customer’s attention by providing them what they need at the right time. Understanding the right target audience will make your campaigns a lot more meaningful and goal-oriented.

The demographic data analysis can be done through the ‘self-reported data’ technique, which can be a very tiring process. That’s where the third-party service like scraping can help to attach the demographic element with the customer database. This information can be sourced from social media, business working websites, and a lot more. The scraped data can help you to understand the audience better and generate more targeted campaigns.

Generating the Right Content

The main job of the content creators is to brainstorm new ideas and gain the readers’ attention. Keep originality of the content by adding fresh angles and twists to something is of the utmost importance for a content writer.

Some of the appreciated tools like Ahrefs and Buzzsumo help in blog idea generation. These fantastic tools help you to outperform the content among others shared on the internet. If we dig deeper and go to the fundamentals of these tools, they use the concept of scraping. It’s just their branding that makes them expensive. So a better, cheaper, and more effective alternative to these tools is scraping.

Through web data scraping, you can get additional volumes of information like keywords, etc., in an excellent compressed fashion that can boost your content ideas.

Lead Generation

Generating the right leads has always been a difficult job. The primary sources spread over the internet that can help convey your messages are email addresses on the website, social media, business networking sites, and many more.

There are some practical ways to get email ids like inbounds, but they require a lot of energy and time. Also, this inbound exercise will not help you have high volumes of contact information in your database. That’s where a tool is required that can quickly scrape the data. It not only saves time but is also more cost-effective.

Social Media Tracking

In the present day, people are so obsessed with social media. It can be of paramount importance for social media marketers. For example, one can see tweets about product purchases, stories on recommending products to others, bad naming the brand for the poor shopping experience, and whatnot! UGC (user-generated content) is a concept of recommending followers by mentioning handles.

This information can be of much potential to redefine the strategies and come up with more realistic ones. Every bit of information is vital, like customer reviews, feedbacks, concerns. Further, you also have competitors who are innovating with exciting content.

Scraping helps you keep your planning more customer-oriented by digging more into reality and gaining insights based on your performance. For example, you can do deep sentiment analysis to innovate the customer experience like never before and analyze the data like who’s saying what can help further improve your strategies.

Intelligent Influencer Marketing

There are so many social media celebrities who can engage with your audience better than you. They have a vast majority of social media, and their content quickly gets viral within just a few moments of posting.

Since these influencers are primarily busy people jumbled with work, they are not easy to reach out. Instead of looking for famous social media celebrities, one must go for micro and nano influencers who are more in numbers and relatively easier to contact.

Finding the right influencer is not an easy job because they are not just on Twitter or Instagram. Also, identifying the types of posts, their opinions, and who they write for also matters a lot.

Scarping this information will help you to find the right advocate for your brand. By analyzing these details will let you know their kind of work and what interests them. Hence you will know exactly how to approach them with confidence.

So far, we have seen how web scraping can help in every phase of marketing. We will now have a look at some of the industries that make wide use of web scraping.

Retail Owners and Aggregators

Large organizations need data to make the best-informed business decision. This may include retailers and others involved in large commercial businesses. Web scraping helps to get the targeted customer, check-up the competition, and provide products according to the customer choice.


Hashtag society has a significant influence on social media. The use of hashtags can influence others to get additional information regarding their posts. Web scraping helps media companies and many others gain vital information on a major sector of customers by using those hashtags and similar online posts.

Travel Industry

This industry has seen a tremendous increase due to an increase in the massive amount of travel lovers. Furthermore, some applications developed let these people know the most suitable destinations at the lowest price possible, which requires a lot of data that can be gathered through web scraping.

Builders of Business Directories and Recruiters

Businesses need contacts for the vast market reach. The web is a great place to find potential customers. Facebook is the perfect example of utilizing online data for marketing.

Facebook provides the option to its users to voluntarily provide the data. Instead of creating the new Facebook, web scrapers are the best tools to mine personal data, build lists of potential people and business directories to recruit the best people available for the job.

Wrapping Up

It is essential to keep your efforts in the right direction, so you can achieve what you are intended to. It makes more sense to digital marketers as they constantly brainstorm ideas and develop the best strategy.

Doing the proper research and distribution makes the content more valuable. That is where integrating the right information gets into the picture. Data is scattered on the internet in the form of a lot of resources and formats. Identifying and getting this picture in a structured manner will help to analyze the trends and sentiments better.

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