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When you collect heavy data from various websites, you can access the pages with different IP addresses. It is possible with the use of rotating proxies that operate between your computer and the websites you target. These proxies cyclically change the IP addresses from the proxy pool and assign your computer a new IP address every time you send a request. Rotating proxies are the best for businesses as they operate with different IP addresses and offer excellent anonymity. They are also well suited for complex web scraping tasks.

If a normal proxy acts as an intermediary between your computer and the target website, providing anonymity needed on the Internet, then why do we need a rotating proxy? It is because a rotating proxy can automatically rotate the IP addresses, unlike a normal static proxy. Your requests go through different IP addresses and allow you to focus on your actual work. In short, the rotating proxies are used for:

  • Enhancing your anonymity
  • Avoiding Rate Limiting
  • Increasing reliability

Why Do You Need To Rotate Proxies?

Given below are some of the reasons for rotating proxies that provide us with benefits in certain areas.

  • Web Scraping and Web Crawling 

The companies use web scraping, and web crawling to prepare themselves for new challenges and detect trends in the market and the industry. Some websites have the speciality to identify the crawling bots and block the IP addresses through which they connect. You can use rotating proxies when parsing and crawling web pages. The bots and parser tools traverse the Internet using different IP addresses, so the chances of getting banned from websites are minimal.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Like social media marketing, SEO is a vital process for many companies. A good SEO strategy involves technical optimization, keyword research, ranking, and competitor analysis.

You need to crawl the website if you have to audit the competitor. Your IP address can be blocked if you fail to perform such operations. Here comes the need for a rotating proxy. It assigns a new IP address for each request and ensures that the site audit is complete.

  • Social Media Marketing

In today’s world, social media is a powerful tool for growing your business and driving sales. You can use multiple accounts for publishing posts and comments. But your IP address can be blocked as this method is against the rules of most social media platforms. So, you can use rotating proxies that will automatically change your IP address and make the servers think that the request is coming from a different location.

  • Content Restriction

Some IP addresses are geographically limited to some sites. You can bypass the geo-based blocking and access your desired website by selecting proxy servers with IP addresses outside the proxy pool’s geographic area. Rotating proxies will be of great use when you have to access geo-blocked content for any reason.

How To Rotate Proxies In Python

You can rotate proxies in Python using the below steps.

Install requests

First, we have to download and save a list of free proxies in a text file. You can download the free proxy list using this link and save the file with any name like list_proxies.txt.

Now, you have to install the requests module by opening your command prompt.

!pip install requests

You have to import the requests module by using the below command.

import requests

Create sending_request function

You have to create a sending_request function and prefer using the http proxy as most free proxies don’t use the https protocol. We used try-except block because most of the free proxies don’t work..

def sending_request(session, proxy):
        response = session.get('', proxies={'http': f"http://{proxy}"})

Read proxies_txt

You have to read the list_proxies.txt file containing the free proxies list and save it to the variable named proxies.

if __name__ == "__main__":
    with open('list_proxies.txt', 'r') as file:
        proxies = file.readlines()

Create Session

You have to create a session from the requests module and follow the below steps.

  • Loop through the proxy
  • Pass the proxy and the session to the sending_request function
with requests.Session() as session:
    for proxy in proxies:
        sending_request(session, proxy)

You will get the list of proxies as shown below.

These are some proxies, and the list goes on with more proxies, but all of them don’t work.

Features of Rotating Proxies

Some of the significant features of rotating proxies are mentioned below.

  • You can have more clients with the help of rotating proxies. All users do not connect to the Internet at the same time. When someone connects, the free IP address is selected and assigned to the computer having Internet access.
  • You can perform many actions on the Internet using rotating proxies without the fear of getting banned or blocked by websites.
  • When using rotating proxies, no one can track the activity of the device on the Internet.
  • With the use of rotating proxies, you can visit any website, including those that have blocked user access with a particular IP address.

Potential Benefits of Rotating Proxies

Some of the potential benefits of rotating proxies are given below.

The pool of IP Addresses

While doing online research on a particular topic, you have to move across different websites several times a day. You can move through various pages of a particular website as much as you want. But what happens if the website owner tracks the page visitors. He can mark your IP address as suspicious when he notices your trends. There is a chance that the website may block or ban your requests if you use a single IP address. Therefore, you have to consider using rotating proxies as they do not reveal your original IP address. They provide you with a pool of IP addresses that change periodically.

Better Performance and Improved Security

The rotating proxies shield your systems from cyberattacks by providing you with different IP addresses. This way, no one can keep track of your browsing habits. The security of the rotating proxy depends on the provider you choose. It is preferred to choose paid rotating proxies as they provide a high degree of security to your business and applications.

Best for Price Comparison

In businesses, price comparison plays a significant role in attracting and converting website visitors. The companies need to do price research to gain a competitive edge as having a product price too high or too low can harm their marketing efforts. With the help of rotating proxies, the companies can easily scrape through their competitors’ websites without getting blocked and stay up-to-date with the market changes.


We discussed that rotating proxies are better than static proxies as they provide cyclically changing IP addresses and make it hard for the web servers to recognize them. Businesses can experience positive transformation in their online activities with the use of rotating proxies. They keep your system safe and hide your identity by assigning you a unique IP address every time you send a request to a website. You can rotate the proxies in Python using the requests module and following the steps mentioned earlier. The rotating proxies have a lot of benefits, and they have applications in SEO, web scraping, web crawling, social media marketing, etc.

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