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Manage social media accounts without being blocked

Guides, Apr-04-20215 mins read

Creating multiple social media accounts on the same platform now seems a familiar task, mainly among digital marketers and general users. With the availability of various tools and applications, multiple accounts’ social media management is now more convenient than ever. However, the creation of numerous social media accounts raises flags and may result in IP

Creating multiple social media accounts on the same platform now seems a familiar task, mainly among digital marketers and general users.

With the availability of various tools and applications, multiple accounts’ social media management is now more convenient than ever. However, the creation of numerous social media accounts raises flags and may result in IP bans and account bans. This article would mainly explore how proxies could help you create multiple social media accounts that deprive you of any bans.

To help you raise awareness, we will also include some tips and guides on avoiding bans altogether.

Why do marketers create multiple social media accounts?

When you have a brand to promote, you need to market them considering several factors. These factors would be the reasons for you to open several accounts. Some of these factors include:

Audience segmentation- you need to consider customers with different age groups, gender, income levels, and location when you target your products tailor-made to different people. So you would need different social media accounts to reach different people rather than managing them all under one standard roof.

Various products and services – your company may provide a vast number of services that should reach tons of users across different geographical boundaries. As a result, you would require various social media accounts for each product. This way, the users would differentiate your products rather than when glued to one place.

Different locations and branches- Content and digital marketers often implement various content strategies for different company branches located in multiple locations. Therefore you need different accounts to maintain your content as it would usually be insufficient for you to incorporate all the content under one roof.

Since now you are aware of the various reasons for the need for different social media accounts, now we shall discover whether it’s that more straightforward as people say as there are some legal and ethical implications.

Drawbacks of having multiple social media accounts

When you manage multiple social media accounts and the immense benefits they produce, they also have negative implications. While there are ample reasons why your social media account gets blocked, we would look into the area pertaining to this article which is about activity and IP blocking.


It is usually a more straightforward job for a social media website to determine whether your account is fake or not. Therefore when creating multiple accounts on the same platform, you must make them as trustworthy as possible.

You need to follow the acts of a genuine user to keep away from your account getting blocked. You often get carried away when using automation tools as they have options that perform automatic tasks such as buying likes for a post. 

Some marketing strategies also focus on deceitful tactics such as over-promoting products by adding links, comments and sending product promotional messages to unknown users.

However, it would help if you were as genuine as possible to the social media website to show that you are a real user. Therefore they will not raise flags about your legitimacy.

IP blocking

If you use the same IP address in bulk to create several social media accounts, the chances are that the the social media platform might block you. There is also the possibility of your account getting deleted, and emails through all these social media platforms might reach your spam folder. On the other hand, holding and managing the same IP address for your social media accounts is ethically unsuitable if you intend to do anything against the social media’s platform rules.

However, if your intentions are good, then the sole turnaround for creating multiple social media accounts would be to use proxies as they mask your IP address.Now let’s find a thing or two about the IP bans in more detail.

How does a social media website know your IP address?

When you connect to a website or any online service through your laptop or a mobile device, it first connects to the destination website’s server. This is analogous to meeting someone in real life for the first time you would offer your hand to greet that person. Then that person will respond by providing his/her hand. 

Likewise, when you try to connect to the server at the other end handshake occurs. For this article’s scope, we would not dive deeper into this handshake concept in the computing world. Then for the handshake to occur, the devices must recognize each other. This recognition occurs through the IP addresses of each device. That’s how a social media website can see your IP address.

What does a social media ban mean?

A social media IP ban means you would be refused to enter your social media account through the IP address in which you were banned. Regardless of whether you access it with a web browser or the relevant social media app on your phone, you will not be able to connect to it.

How can I tell if my social media account is banned?

If you cannot access your social media account, but if the other people can access it, this would most likely be an IP ban. In such situations, you need to confirm that your IP has been banned and not your account. On the other hand, to check if your account has been banned, you need to clear all the cookies that would eventually log you out of the particular site. You would then visit the site as a guest that confirms that your account is banned.

How to overcome an IP ban on social media account

When you have an IP ban on your social media account, you will not be able to access it using any of the devices on your home network. When you access the internet using the same router, all the devices will likely have the same public IP address.

You might be able to change your IP address, but then again, it is a tedious task. So as an alternate solution using a Proxy or a VPN would be a better solution.

With a VPN (Virtual Private Network) server, since they are located in data centers, the social media sites will most often identify them and block them.

Now in the next section, we would look at how the IP bans could be overcome with the use of proxies.

How can Proxies help you avoid social media IP blocking?

So proxies can act as your savior from social media blocks. As you are already aware, a proxy’s purpose is to mask your IP address to the target website that you are viewing. But then again, you will end up in a social media block if you try to connect it with a single proxy as social media websites are clever at detecting your IP address and the location that you are connecting. Let’s discover which proxies are the best.

Choosing the right proxy

For instance, if you use shared proxies or public proxies to create multiple social media accounts, the chances are that your social media account would be blocked. This is because many users could be using the same public proxy, and you would not be able to find an explicit public proxy. 

Many people would share the same bandwidth of that proxy and hence would be slow. As a result, you will never achieve the expected performance for your campaigns. There would be some public proxy owners who may keep an eye on your data when you are creating multiple social media accounts intending to breach your personal data. 

Let’s assume that a malicious provider tracked your bank credentials, such as username and password. Then it would incur more cost than what you need to pay for private or residential proxies.Therefore as an ultimate solution, a private residential proxy with a proxy pool would be your best choice.

Residential proxies as your ideal solution

Residential proxies are a huge help when avoiding social media blocks. They would hide your IP address from the first instance of creating a social media account from the residential proxy. Then you would have to choose a different location from the same residential pool, which implies the new IP addresses will be allocated for each account. In these circumstances using residential static IP addresses would be your best option. This is because you would then appear as a legitimate non-spammy user.

When choosing private residential proxies, you need to select one with dedicated IP pools. These dedicated residential IP pools can be optimized for managing social media accounts and automation. As mentioned above, you need to choose static IP addresses to ensure no IP rotations. This way, your social media account will be assigned with their own IP address. Thus, you would manage several social media accounts by publishing several of your products, creating engagements, and conducting market research with the best social listening practices.

Analyzing consumer behavior using private proxies

In order to make sure that your online digital marketing campaigns are successful, you need to analyze your customers’ consumer behavior. In these situations, private proxies play a crucial part. It permits you to gather social media intelligence data and check what the target demographic users say about your product.  

Precautions for avoiding bans on social media accounts

Here are some useful tips for you to overcome any bans on your social media account.

Decide and plan on a posting schedule to post your posts in a timely manner. With social media automation tools, you could expedite the tasks and interact with your current and future audience. You would also need to customize tools to share and promote on each social media platform, filter your feeds to share specific topics, and timers to share the posts later. It would help if you also were wary of automating replies based on the need of the situation.

Furthermore, you need to share the content relevant to specific audiences. Finally, as discussed on numerous occasions in this article, you need to use private residential proxies to disguise your IP to create multiple accounts using the same platform.


We hope you have a clear understanding of the differences between an account ban and an IP ban. You also know how to use specific types of proxies to overcome any IP bans. So we hope that you would be able to apply such techniques and best practices to overcome the account bans and IP bans.

We would certainly hope that by reading this article, you will apply the skills in the real world.