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Problems related To Proxies

Proxies, Nov-02-20225 mins read

Proxy servers are important because of two main reasons. The one is they provide privacy to you, and you can work online anonymously with your details being secured. The second reason is that they make the browsing speed faster through caching. So, you can use it to speed up browsing because of its caching facility.

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Proxy servers are important because of two main reasons. The one is they provide privacy to you, and you can work online anonymously with your details being secured. The second reason is that they make the browsing speed faster through caching. So, you can use it to speed up browsing because of its caching facility.

It’s good for organizations to use proxies because they offer security and business safety that other solutions can not do. You can use proxies to scrape the web and avoid geo-restrictions. But sometimes problems pop up with proxies, so we need to spot and fix them. To learn about proxy spotting and troubleshooting, you need to understand the root cause and the optimal solution for your organization. In this article, you will learn about the common problems associated with proxies and the best ways to fix proxy errors.

What Is A Proxy Error?

You know that a proxy is a shield between your machine’s IP address and the target website. It allows you to do your research by maintaining your anonymity. It operates by funneling your traffic through a residential server or a data center and makes it look like you are working through a different IP address. Though proxies give organizations a lot of freedom, sometimes they can run into problems that affect their work.

While working with proxies, your data leaves the computer, travels through the proxies, and gets to the internet. If something goes wrong along the way, it means your proxy is not working as it is supposed to be. It has been caught by an error that affects its functionality.

For figuring out the root cause of the proxy error, you can take several steps. For instance, you can check:

  • Is your browser up to date?
  • Is your internet working?

You can also ensure the working of your proxy by running some basic checks.

What Are Common Proxy Problems?

Given below are the common problems associated with proxies. You can fix them by using an optimal solution to enable their normal working.

Connection Problem

It happens that sometimes you can not get connected to a proxy in the first place. It indicates the proxy server error. The data gets lost somewhere between your computer and the proxy server. So, you need to figure out the root cause of the disconnection. You can look for the error messages and try using different browsers to check the working of the proxy. If you can not get the proper guidance from the error messages, you can get your proxy partner’s help. 

Configuration with the browser

When your proxy isn’t working properly and creates problems, you may get a particular error message. It is an indication that your computer or network is not configured explicitly for your proxy. The proxy error messages can convey information that can be useful to you. You can have a look at some error messages below.

  • Can’t connect to proxy server Windows 10 – It indicates that the problem for the improper working of the proxy is your installed Windows. You can resolve it by following the essential Windows Troubleshooting guides.
  • Err_Proxy_Connection_Failed – This error indicates that either your browser add-on interferes with your connection or your browser settings are incorrect. If your proxy works in another browser, you need to roll your original browser back to its default settings.
  • No connection on your web browser – it indicates that your antivirus program might be interfering with your browser and proxy. For resolving this error, you need to go into your security tool and give your proxy program permission to work.

Working of a Proxy Provider

Sometimes you may get connected to the proxy, but you can not get to the internet using the proxy; else, you can fail to connect entirely. It indicates that your proxy does not function properly, and your proxy provider is having some problems.

At first, you can try your proxy on different devices and browsers. If you see the same problem persisting in multiple places, you can try another proxy from the same provider. Even if the problem doesn’t get resolved, it indicates that the proxy providers are down. So, you need to wait. Mostly, free proxies face this problem as they don’t invest in their infrastructure and security. You can switch to a more reliable proxy partner if you regularly face similar proxy issues and service failures. 

Website IP bans

It is the most common proxy problem in which many of the user’s proxy IP addresses get banned. You may not be using a suitable proxy if the bans occur a lot and very quickly. Suppose you are getting bans when you use proxies from a data center. You have to switch to something more secure or increase your subnet diversity in this situation. Here residential proxies serve as the perfect alternative. They appear more like a real user, so they are less likely to get banned. Therefore, you will probably get your problem resolved if you swap to a residential proxy service.

Fixing Proxy Issues

You can use the below two ways to fix your proxy issues. 

  • You can either work with a professional or troubleshoot on your own. If you want to work on your own, the easiest solution is to switch to a reliable proxy provider. Unlike the free services, the paid proxy providers will go above and beyond for you as they owe you their time and support.
  • You can avoid problems like too many banned IPs and failing proxy providers using paid reputed proxies. For instance, you can use good quality data center proxies if you have to work with large amounts of data or residential proxies if you want maximum anonymity.


So far, we discussed that you can keep your business safe and secure by using robust proxies. But sometimes, the proxies can run into problems due to multiple causes. For instance,

  • There can be issues with your Operating system or the browser.
  • Your proxy provider might be encountering technical difficulties.
  • The website you use might be blocking your proxy.

You can limit your proxy issues by working with a reliable proxy provider. You can also choose which proxies to use. For instance, you can use residential proxies to achieve high anonymity as they can not be easily detected. On the other hand, you can use datacenter proxies to work with large amounts of data.