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Socks5 Proxy is the best alternative to a VPN service that enhances the security features of communication. Statistics say that more than 71% of U.S. people rely on VPN providers. Will those people switch to Sock5 proxies if they know Socks5 provides better security than a VPN server? This article hopes to educate you on

Socks5 Proxy is the best alternative to a VPN service that enhances the security features of communication. Statistics say that more than 71% of U.S. people rely on VPN providers. Will those people switch to Sock5 proxies if they know Socks5 provides better security than a VPN server? This article hopes to educate you on the benefits of using a proxy server with a Socks5 network. along with the list of best Socks5 proxy providers in the market.

Most business professionals and data analysts include proxy services in their communication networks to ensure privacy. To stay anonymous in the network, people prefer using proxies with their network protocol. These network protocols are responsible for the data transmission between nodes. One such thing is the Socks5 proxy server, where the Socks5 protocol is configured with a suitable proxy.

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What Is Socks5 Proxy?

The Socks5 internet protocol uses proxies to route the messages to the server address from the client. This Socks5 proxy is well known for its enhanced security levels that assure anonymity by hiding the actual Socks5 IP addresses.

Sock5 Proxy – How It Works?

The socks5 proxies are usually placed as the fifth layer on top of the TCP/UDP layer. These Socks5 Proxies build a dedicated TCP connection between the user and the server so that the data communication can escape the firewall. Then the socks5 proxy takes the responsibility of passing information between the user and the server. Thus it becomes easier to handle requests of all types like HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, and FTP.

Socks5 – Networking Protocol

The Socks Protocol ensures communication between client and server by routing data packets. The Socks5 protocol is the latest updated version of the socks protocol that functions at the 5th layer (Session Layer) of the OSI model

The Socks5 proxy, with its tunneling process, handles traffic from most networking protocols like Hyper Text Transfer Protocols (HTTP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).

The Socks5 proxy is well known for its standard security features by providing three ways of the authentication process.

No Authentication – Null authentication methods do not require any login details to connect with a proxy server.

Username or Password Authentication – The username or password authentication method asks for login details to connect protocol with proxies.

GSS/API Authentication – The GSS – API authentication method acts as an interface for the servers and the programs to access security services.

Go through this blog to know the key differences between HTTPs vs Websockets.

The Benefits of Socks5 Proxy

Socks5 Proxy – 5 Unique Uses

Removes IP Blocks

Socks5 Proxies bypass internet blocks and help people access websites without restrictions. If your IP address is blocked on the internet, you can make use of other proxies to access the websites. This feature also supports geo-blocks. Proxy servers allow you to access websites that are restricted in your geographical location.

Well-Built Security

The Socks5 proxy ensures an enhanced security feature as they use the SSH tunneling process to transmit information among the nodes. They establish a TCP connection with SSH encryption and pass the arbitrary messages through this tunnel to ensure security. This SSH tunnel uses a hash algorithm and protects arbitrary data to improve online security.

Handles All Network Protocol and Network Traffic

Unlike an HTTP proxy, a Socks5 proxy is capable of handling all sorts of protocols. The HTTP has the limitation of handling only the websites and traffic that are secured with specific protocols. Socks5 supports all protocols, so a proxy server with the Socks5 protocol can help users to secure all sorts of internet protocols and internet traffic.

Most Reliable Connections

The Socks5 proxy uses a TCP protocol to establish a reliable connection among the devices in the network. This feature efficiently routes data packet headers and other data to the right destination on time.

Simple to Use

The Socks5 proxy does not rewrite data packet headers, so there are fewer errors and increased download speeds. The Socks5 proxy makes use of caching mechanisms to extract data from the cache memory and reduce the processing speed.

The Best Socks5 Proxies

 The following list includes few of the best proxy providers of 2023 in no particular order. 

Proxy Seller

Proxy Seller is one of the most popular proxy vendors in the market as they provide both HTTP and Socks proxies. Their Socks5 proxies are best suited for multiple applications, like scraping, gaming, analytics, and testing.

Proxy Seller has a simple yet interactive home page with a chatbot that helps users pick and buy their desired proxy. This user-friendly interface also allows you to select the proxy type, location, and rental period, then guides you through the price range of the proxies.


  • Proxyseller has a dedicated technical department that functions 24/7 throughout the year.
  • They furnish proxies of 800 different subnets and 400 networks.
  • The support team resolves customer complaints in minutes.
  • Their furnish high-speed proxies of 1GB per second.
  • Wide range of options to select the proxies of the desired types.
  • They provide affiliate programs where customers can gain discounts by bringing in clients.
  • Proxies of the United States cost 1.03 USD per proxy, which varies with country.

Bright Data

Socks5 proxies of Bright Data are well-suited for business purposes as they provide quality services and cover all proxy needs. Bright Data, with its Socks5 proxies, lets users extract public data from ready-made datasets or unruly raw data. They collect data from search engine results, real-time datasets, and from other scraping solutions. Bright data also offers proxy managers to handle this entire operation of data extracting, data scraping, or web scraping with multiple proxies.


  • They support numerous domains, like finance, social media, cyber security, retail, market research, e-commerce, SEO, and travel.
  • These Socks5 proxies are compatible with all sorts of data, like JSON, HTML, and SAP.
  • They create a transparent and enterprise-friendly infrastructure.
  • Socks5 proxies of Bright data are highly customizable and easily scalable.
  • They track the network traffic and performance, then display them in a dashboard.
  • They have 5 different packages pay per use, starter, enterprise, and advanced levels.
  • The price rate ranges from $500 per month to $2000 per month. 

Smart Proxy

Smart proxies provide a pool of mobile and residential proxies with 20 million IP addresses. Business people prefer these Socks5 proxies as they support market research, web browsing, scraping, and other business operations at a cheaper rate. They majorly furnish residential proxies, so the chances of getting blocked are low.


  • Smart proxy provides dedicate API solutions for different use cases, like SERP, Web, and E-commerce scraping.
  • As they provide a huge number of Socks5 proxies, the users will never run out of proxies. Their proxy pool will let you use a unique proxy server for each operation so that the user id doesn’t get blocked.
  • Their datacenter shared proxies handle concurrent actions and handles unlimited data.
  • Their global proxies will help users to choose the proxy of their desired location. They have more than 7 million U.S residential proxies.
  • They cost from $75 per month to $1000 per month. 

Rayobyte Proxies

Rayobyte proxies focus more on supporting small-scale businesses and government agencies with their proxy solutions by scraping millions of data and aggregating them for proxy data analytics.


  • Their responsive customer service can resolve all the issues within hours.
  • Their Socks5 proxies go well for both individual users and corporate companies as they provide quality dedicated private and shared proxies.
  • Their global proxies support multiple locations as their servers are in many countries across the globe.
  • In addition to residential and datacenter proxies, they also provide ISP proxies and scraping robot solutions.
  • They furnish nearly 8 different pricing plans. You can either choose one or customize one on your own per your requirements. 


Out of many proxy vendors in the market, Proxyscrape is a unique proxy solution that unlocks the power of the web with its proxies. With Proxyscrape’s high-speed and secured Socks5 proxies, users can scrape websites without limits. There is hardly a domain that isn’t benefitted from their proxy service. This proxy service simplifies and automates the operation of fields, like market research, web scraping, ad verification, cyber security, SEO monitoring, e-commerce, web testing, and brand protection. 

Why Use ProxyScrape Socks5 Proxies?

Highly Compatible

Socks5 proxies of Proxyscrape are compatible with all sorts of sources. Their anonymity feature and high security can help them access any website without restriction.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Proxyscrape provides Socks5 proxies of unlimited bandwidth. This feature makes it easier to integrate with web requests.

Global Proxy

Socks5 proxies of many countries are available in Proxyscrape so users can make use of proxies of desired locations to bypass internet and geo-blocks.

High Availability

Proxyscrape promises 100% uptime. As their Socks5 proxies and their services are available throughout the clock, they can continuously scrape data from enormous sources.

Intensive Scraping

Proxyscrape supports traffic-intensive scraping through their Socks5 proxies that are capable of handling complex traffic, like video streaming and calls.

Proxy Pools

Proxyscrape owns a pool where they have 7 million proxies of multiple types. This helps users utilize rotating proxies for scraping. They offer 60,00 data center proxies and 7 million residential proxies, as well as dedicated proxies.


They cost a reasonable price that starts from $10 for 1GB bandwidth and ranges up to $400 for 1000 GB bandwidth proxies. Check out the attractive prices.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is a Socks5 proxy?
The Socks5 network protocol is the latest Socket Secure Protocol. Using proxies with this protocol will hide the identity of users with the proxy address. This Socks5 proxy is well known for its enhanced security levels as it provides authentication at different levels.
2. What are the features to consider before selecting a proxy?
Uptime.Bandwidth.Scraping speed.Security level.
3. Does Proxyscrape provide Socks5 proxies?
Yes, they provide both free proxies and premium proxies of the Socks5 proxy. The Socks5 premium proxies come with high download speeds and unlimited bandwidth.
4. In what way is Socks5 different from a sock?
Socks5 is the latest version of socket secure protocol. Other socks protocols, like socks4, support only TCP connections, but Socks5 protocols support Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and User Datagram Protocol (UDP). Socks5 protocols also provide multiple methods of authentication, while others do not.
5. Are free Socks5 proxy worthy?
Socks5 proxies are better than other protocol proxies, as they transmit the data in smaller data packets. This increases the transition speed. The Socks5 proxy is worth buying as they ensure better security and speed.

Closing Thoughts

Socks5 proxies from the standard proxy vendor can help you enhance your scraping needs. If you wish to enable multiple levels of authentication, Socks5 proxies are the right option as they let users access proxies with and without authentication details. They also provide a GSS-API interface authentication type to allow users and system administrators to access proxies. These socks proxies will also provide high-level security by sending messages in a small data frame, which also improves the processing speed.