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Using proxies for data mining in 2021

Proxies, Apr-00-20215 mins read

The internet has become so versatile. It’s just like tons of dishes on the table, and it becomes so hard to decide among them, but we will always want to make the best decision without wasting our time. In other words, do we really need to be precise and accurate about the information we require?

The internet has become so versatile. It’s just like tons of dishes on the table, and it becomes so hard to decide among them, but we will always want to make the best decision without wasting our time. In other words, do we really need to be precise and accurate about the information we require?

The most trending and in-market technique for gathering information from the internet is “Data Mining” or “Data Scraping.” The easiest way to extract the data from the website is by using a software. A scraping software gives direct access to the web using HyperText Transfer Protocol or using your normal web browser. When done on a very large, it requires automated software such as a web crawler or bot. These tools allow you to gather the data as per your requirements and then save it into the database in the form of tables like excel and spreadsheets etc.

Web scraping has become an essential element for many businesses when it comes to analyzing information, monitoring conversations on specific topics, or checking the competition. This article will explain the important uses of data mining and how proxy servers can be of massive help while data mining. Further, we will also explore the consequences of not using proxies while data mining.

Uses of Web Scraping

For data gathering and collection, web scraping has become the most in-demand technique over the past few years. It is mainly used to tackle the competitors to have a better edge from them in the market. It is used in every aspect of the business ranging from sales, marketing to social media and listings. The truth is that modern marketing has not been so much impactful without data scraping.

Some of the practical use cases in which data mining can play a significant role are:

Price Comparison

When you are selling a product online, it is important to have a constant check at your competitor’s prices and offerings. Web scraping allows you to compare your prices with the competition so that you can adjust yours according to the market.

Sales Intelligence

Web scraping can be a very useful technique for your sales measurement by gathering information about your potential customers. 

AD Verification

AD fraud is widespread on the internet these days. For example, generating traffic on fake websites or showing your ads on sites like casinos or porn websites. To avoid these circumstances that can give a bad image to your business, one must do AD verification.

Web scraping allows you to do that. You have the option to withdraw AD information from a variety of websites by using web scraping tools. It allows you to keep a check on your Ads and the sites on which they are posted.

SEO Tracking

Finding the best title tags and keywords to generate traffic to your website is of utmost importance for a website. Web crawling tools allow you to scrape search engine results (e.g., from Google).

Social Listening

User-generated content has become very popular among journalism startup companies. Web scraping has become so intelligent that it can analyze the conversations from Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. 

Real Estate Listings

Somewhat similar to price monitoring, if you want to keep up the current real estate prices in the desired location, data mining tools can give you a complete check of real estate websites.

Risks Involved in Scraping

One might be thinking that it’s the perfect time to go for web scraping. However, this technique requires you to be smart or it may lead to nothing even worse to the financial loss. Let’s dig further into this,

The world of the internet is just like a vast jungle. When you are accessing a website, the website knows you by your IP address. Most of them are keeping track of the activities you are doing on them. If they get to see that you are trying to scrape the data, the server will block you permanently, and in some cases, they can also show you falsified information by playing more smarter than you. Let’s say your decisions are based on mined data you get from your research. However, if the information is falsified, it can lead to very lethal outcomes, resulting in very poor decisions. Hence a great setback to the business also.

Let’s take another example, you are scraping various websites from the internet for price comparison but using the same IP. Using the same IP again and again can permanently block you from accessing that website. 

So how to avoid being detected and keep your identity anonymous? A proxy server allows you to use multiple IPs by rotating between them. They make you look unsuspicious and gather data while being anonymous. Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of using a web scraping proxy.

Benefits of Using Web Scraping Proxies

Stable Connection

Data mining is a heavy process, and it takes a lot of time to be completed. Just imagine you are about to complete the mining, and all of a sudden, your internet breaks hence losing all the progress you have made. It will waste all of your previous work and struggle. This can happen due to many reasons, the main reason being your own server’s connection can be unreliable. A good proxy will ensure that you have a stable internet connection.

Hiding IP Address

Using the same IP address for scraping data repeatedly for the same target website can get you banned. The other scenario might be the geo-blocking of IP addresses. A good proxy allows you to get rid of the tensions like these. Proxies works by hiding your IP addresses and replace it with a large pool of rotating residential proxies, hiding your real identity from the target website. Further, a proxy server will allow you to access any proxy located worldwide, allowing you to access the target website even from the geo-blocked website. You can select the location of your own choice and can surf totally safely, anonymously, and in freedom.


Sometimes, the user may get into vulnerable conditions in the middle of mining operations because the server itself is not secured enough to handle all the malicious entities it may encounter while scraping the information. There is a solution to this problem also. Connecting to a backconnect proxy can get you rid of this problem.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have seen what data mining is, how it can be useful to give a boost to your business. Furthermore, we have seen how proxies have become an essential part of the data mining process. Data mining is an important yet complex process for many businesses; a proxy can facilitate the whole process no matter how amazing a tool you are using or how expert you are. Having a good proxy can help you to get the basic work done. For example, hiding your IP address and using a secure and stable connection to smoothly and successfully carry out your operations.

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