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Votebot – Brief Guide 2024

Bots, Guides, Aug-03-20225 mins read

Votebot shoots up the votes and helps people win in any voting contests. Vote-bot is a type of bot that simulates human activities. Statistics predict that the global market for industrial robot revenue will reach $70.6 billion USD by 2028. We can infer from this report that the industry is highly relying on robots for

Votebot shoots up the votes and helps people win in any voting contests. Vote-bot is a type of bot that simulates human activities. Statistics predict that the global market for industrial robot revenue will reach $70.6 billion USD by 2028. We can infer from this report that the industry is highly relying on robots for automation.

Likewise, people use vote bots to develop programs to stand out from their competitors. To know more about the vote bot and its benefits, keep reading this article.

Table of Contents

Votebot to Win Votes

Votebot is a program developed to increase vote counts in online posts. They fraudulently participate in vote-based contests and help their customers to win the polls with fake votes.

The developers ensure these bots simulate human activities and repeat them as many times as needed. In the same way, developers create vote bots and make them repeat the action of voting a certain number of times. So that the contestants who are using a vote bot can secure more votes and win the competition.

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Why Use Votebot?

Making decisions based on people’s opinions is the most common method. Be it in simple suggestion polls or serious elections, the results depend on the number of votes. To implement this voting system, people make use of poll software and create polls that collect responses from the public.

This is where vote-bot come into the picture. Some of the contestants or poll creators may choose a vote-bot to win the polls. These vote bots poll multiple votes on a particular option and help them lead the race. Go through this article to know how to get more online votes using proxies. 

Targeted Scenarios of Votebot

Now that you know the importance of a vote and vote-bot, you must understand when and where to use them. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Reddit are the targeted sites of Votebots. Sometimes, these social media sites conduct a competition and declare results based on the votes of each competitor. Some other sites use votebotes to increase their subscriber rate or follow rate to fake popularity among their audience.

Sample Scenarios

  • If you own a YouTube channel, you can use a vote bot to increase the number of subscribers. A higher subscriber rate will help you develop trust in people’s minds.
  • You can also use votebot to increase the vote rates on your videos.
  • If Instagram announces a photography competition where the votes on the photos will decide the winner. In this case, you can use vote bots to shoot up the vote counts on your post.
  • Social sites like Reddit will consider the upvote and downvote counts of the posts. This medium will also help you in online marketing purposes. As Reddit posts have a downvote option to communicate your dislike towards the post, you can also use downvote bots to bring down the image of your competitor.

Use Cases of Votebot

A vote-bot is applicable in all scenarios that depend on votes. Here are some of the use cases that highly rely on votes to conclude the results.

Online Contests – Online voting contests to declare the winner based on the most liked post.

Online Marketing – Online businesses make use of their follower counts to establish their brands.

Feedback System – Online polls take suggestions from the audience to know what interests them.

Elections – Elections where people can vote and elect the leader of their online forum.

Challenges in Using Votebot

One vote from one user is the organic way of the voting system. However, to increase the number of votes, people may try voting multiple times on the post. To do so, they will vote from multiple devices to ensure the uniqueness of the votes. This is a time consuming and tedious process for humans to repeat the same actions on the same or different devices.

To reduce human efforts, vote bots can easily repeat the same action several times according to the command. Still, it is challenging for vote-bots to make them appear like votes from distinct devices. 

It is easy for developers to make their bots vote multiple times on the posts. But, the other important factor is the identity of the voter. Some online poll creators will make necessary steps to block multiple votes from the same IP address. They will detect bad bots and block them. In this case, the vote bot user cannot vote from the same system back to back.

Proxies in VoteBot

Votebot overcomes the IP restrictions using Proxy. Proxy servers sit in between the user and the webserver to hide the identity with their proxy address. So vote bots make use of proxies to fake votes from multiple locations. Proxies features like anonymity and speed help vote-bot boost the voting counts.

Anonymity – Using a proxy address in place of the original address will stop the poll creators from tracking the actual source of the votes.

Global Proxy – Global proxies are proxy addresses of multiple cities. Using these location-specific proxies, people can make the votes appear like distinct votes from various locations.

Speed – People usually go for bots to speed up the process. The speed proxies with high bandwidth are capable of performing the task at high speed.

IP Pools – Proxy providers like Proxyscrape provide high-quality proxies. Their IP pool includes nearly seven million rotating residential IPs. It helps the vote bot in the automatic assignment of proxies for each vote.

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How Does VoteBot Work?

Working of Votebot

The internet uses the HTTP protocol to transfer information. Similarly, the HTTP communication protocol will act as a carrier to transmit vote counts. Votebots imitate human voting behavior and interact with the web server that conducts the online polls.

The voting bot will repeat the sequence of logging in, voting, and logging out multiple times. With the help of proxies, they take new proxies from proxy pools each time and ensure that the votes are distinct from each other.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is a Votebot?
Vote-bots are software code that increases the vote count and helps contestants win any online voting contest. The bot-generated votes imitate human behavior and make them look like organic votes
2. Are there any bots for downvotes?
Just like upvote bots, there are also downvote bots to decrease or undo the votes. These downvote bots will put down the popularity of posts and are best when users intend to bring down the voting count on a specific option of the poll.
3. Is it necessary to use proxies with Votebot?
Bots can imitate the user’s action at high speed to increase the vote count. But to gain traffic from wide locations, you need proxies. Proxies will provide IP addresses of various geographical locations so that the votes look more like real votes from unique devices.

Final Thoughts

Votebots are great options for online marketers and people who participate in vote-based online contestants. If you are an online business professional, social media like Instagram, Facebook, or Reddit can serve as an advertising platform for your business. You can use vote bots to gain votes in your business-relevant content so that your post will appear at the top of the search results which will eventually attract audiences. You can also use these vote bots to win any online competitions that focus on votes. You may make use of residential proxies with vote bots, so that you can use the IP addresses of real locations.