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What is a Bot? A Complete Guide (2024)

What is a Bot? Bots are software programs that run automatically without any specific instructions from users. Engineers design bots to imitate human behavior.  But the real catch here is that these are automated. This means they carry out repetitive tasks faster and more efficiently than their human counterparts. Bots are present everywhere on the […]

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Votebot – Brief Guide 2024

Votebot shoots up the votes and helps people win in any voting contests. Vote-bot is a type of bot that simulates human activities. Statistics predict that the global market for industrial robot revenue will reach $70.6 billion USD by 2028. We can infer from this report that the industry is highly relying on robots for […]

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What Are Bad Bots, How To Detect and Block Them?

Does anything good come to your mind when you hear the word bots or do you know how to detect and block bad bots? I guess all you have heard is about bad bots let alone how to detect and block them. However, not all bots are bad, and there are good ones. This article […]

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What Are AIO Bots And How do They Work?

AIO(All In One) sneaker bot helps all those sneakers lovers out there to get the best sneakers as soon as the re-seller releases them. You may have already discovered the sneaker bot in a previous article. However, the sneaker bot cops the sneakers from one website, whereas AIO bots cop sneakers from several websites. As […]

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What are Sneaker bots and how are they used?

Online sneaker reselling has become a profitable business, with even 16-year old kids earning tons of dollars by outearning their parents. However, sneaker reselling is far from being simple as it appears to be. This is because the sneaker purchasing websites have implemented highly restricted measures such as the number of pairs per purchase and […]

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Everything you need to know about Jarvee

If you are looking for software that automates your likes, followers and schedules posts, including videos and images in your companys’ social media accounts, then Jarvee is your ideal choice.  Automating social media accounts can have a significant impact on driving large-scale profits to your organization. However, if you implement them manually, you are most […]

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