AIO(All In One) sneaker bot helps all those sneakers lovers out there to get the best sneakers as soon as the re-seller releases them. You may have already discovered the sneaker bot in a previous article. However, the sneaker bot cops the sneakers from one website, whereas AIO bots cop sneakers from several websites.

As a result, the AIO bot has saved sneaker lovers from resale prices and allowed others to invest in sneakers.

Let’s dive further into AIO bots in this article.

What is an AIO bot?

AIO bot is made by the people who have created the Another Nike Bot. It comes with convenient features such as a discord server and a user-friendly interface for a more fabulous User Experience. It would automatically cop the shoes for you, and you don’t have to do anything. Before doing so, it would scan all the prices from websites and select the best sellers for you.

Furthermore, you would be able to operate it with ease as its instruction manual is user-friendly.

How to use AIO bots with proxies

To get the best out of AIO bots, you must use proxies with it. They are specifically beneficial in circumstances where retailers of limited edition sneakers impose a limit on the number of pairs that you could purchase per IP address. So you can use a pool of proxies with rotating IP addresses to overcome this restriction. This way, the retailer websites see requests coming from multiple users when in reality, it’s just a single user.

Proxy usage with AIO bots

When choosing a proxy, you need to consider the following factors:

Proxy Location

Most proxy providers would allow you to choose a proxy server location to control where the traffic is coming from. So you need to select a proxy location closer to your actual location so that the speed at which the requests travel will be faster. In addition, it is instrumental when your bot is performing transactions when purchasing sneakers.

Proxy Ping

When there is a proxy or pool of proxies between your PC and the target sneaker website, there are apparent delays instead of connecting directly. As a result, your computer’s ping time also increases, which is its reaction time. The delays of the proxies depend on the proxy service provider. For example, a good proxy would have a delay of 10 to 50ms instead of free proxies with longer delays and security issues regarding transactions.

Different Types of Proxies

If a sneaker website seller is heavily known to block the IP address, then residential proxies would be your best choice out of different types of available proxies. This is because they are IP addresses of residential owners with real devices such as mobile and desktop and appear legitimate.

Also, you may prefer residential proxies when you need to execute a heavy number of tasks on a site.

In contrast, if you consider the Datacenter proxies, it’s easy to detect them because they share subnet masks. However, they would be helpful when you need to run bot activities for a more extended period.

Preparation for copping

You have to get ready when a Sneaker selling website announces that they are launching a new sneaker collection. But, first, you have to find the location of this launch and find the appropriate proxies for the location. Then you have to test your proxies and ensure that you have a pool of rotating IP addresses. You can use these IPs as a backup in case an IP gets banned and for multiple purchases.

Since you are also providing sensitive information during a purchase, ensure to use private proxies. The private proxies also have the edge over public proxies regarding speed, as it’s a crucial factor in the purchase process. Another critical factor is to be aware of the launch time and in which time zone the launch would occur.

Preparation for copping

Copping the sneakers

In this section, we will briefly explain how to cop a Sneaker using the AIO bot interface. 

Visiting Sneaker sites –first of all, you have to visit various sneaker sites to view them as a guest. However, most sites don’t allow guest checkout. So in such circumstances, you have to create a username and a password.

The shoe is to be released- at this point, you need to click on the details and mention your desired size. Make sure that you have proxies ready and tested along with the billing details. Double-check the location and timezone one more time and get the credit cards ready. When you are making multiple purchases, use different accounts and have and prepare the pool of proxies.

Then you can create tasks in the AIO bot interface easily by selecting the site type from the drop-down menu. Afterward, it would help if you chose the task type and gave the bot the website link you found in the above step. By any chance, if you do not have a link, you can use the keywords. It would help if you made sure that the keyword list is formatted with & sign in between the keywords.

Upon setting up the tasks, you would run them before a release. The task logs on to your right will show the activities of your bot and notify you if it is required by the bot to solve a captcha. Then, you can use a manual captcha solver to produce a token for the bot in these circumstances.

Now you need to sit back and relax, and the bot will do the coping process for you.


As you have realized in this article, sneaker copping has become challenging, unlike in the past. So you would certainly need an AIO bot to cop your favorite sneakers, as, without them, your chances of getting the latest sneaker pair is slim. AIO bot will also benefit you if you have plans for reselling the sneakers that you have purchased.

We hope that this article was helpful and you would follow its guidelines.