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How to Add Proxies to an AIO Bot in 2024?

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How to add proxies to an AIO bot?” is one of those questions that you should know in 2023. Why is that?
Do you know the market value for sneakers? According to statistica, the sneaker market value was around $79 billion dollars in 2020, and it is predicted to increase to 120 billion dollars by 2026. Sneakers have moved from a niche product to a particular craving for fashionable objects. Thanks to sneakers, there has been a steep rise in fashion over the last decade. Sneakers have become “comfort wear” for many people around the world. Wearing sneakers is no longer a frowned-upon culture in the workplace. It is common to see the limited edition Nike (Jordans) become out of stock in an e-commerce store or physical storefront within minutes of its release.

The competition is high, and it is impossible to check all the online retailer stores manually. There is a quick way to check several online retailers and grab one of those limited edition sneakers, an AIO bot. In the upcoming sections, we will look into the working of the AIO bot and how sneaker proxy helps you to be anonymous online while implementing the AIO bot.

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What Is an AIO bot?

An AIO bot, also known as an All-In-One bot, is an automated bot used to buy sneakers online (on more than one retail website). It is considered one of the best bots online for copping sneakers. The reason for that are the following:

  • Great support for multiple copping from various websites.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Regular updates and new features.
  • Support of multiple websites, such as Nike, Shopify, and Adidas.

It is very important to remember that the AIO bot alone may not be sufficient enough to acquire a pair of sneakers. An AIO bot requires good companions, like sneaker proxies.

How Do Sneaker Proxies Help the AIO Bot Secure a Pair of Sneakers?

When it comes to the sneaker war, every second is important. You must stay ahead of your competition to grab a pair. Sneaker proxies can help you connect to sneaker websites from a nearby proxy server. That way, your internet connection can still be fast and stable. You can configure the AIO bot and proxies based on your preference.

AIO bots can send multiple requests at a time by accessing the local server to heighten your chances of getting a pair of sneakers. But this approach has a drawback: launching new sneakers is very hectic, and many people try to access the website using the same approach. These multiple requests to access the websites can cause the websites to crash. Those situations can lead to the loss of data and the opportunity to grab a pair of sneakers.

AIO bots can be used for other purposes, such as checking products in stock, placing orders across multiple retail websites, and tracking all the processes.

Are AIO Bots Legal?

Technically, AIO bots are legal. The process of the AIO bot is simple; it just cops you on a pair or a few pairs of sneakers. It does not steal the sneakers from the retailers; it just increases your opportunity of buying the limited-edition sneakers and new arrival sneakers. There is a policy of “one sneaker for one person,” but proxies are used to buy a pair. From that point of view, virtually every proxy represents a single person. It violates a few policies for some of the shoe retail stores and online retailers, but that is it. If anything, AIO bots help to increase the sales of sneakers and boost the “exclusivity deals.”

Challenges Involved in Detecting AIO Bots:

Detecting AIO bots is a complex process. AIO bots follow the following approaches to remain undetected online:

  • Residential Proxies – Residential proxies are represented as a standard IP address, which makes it difficult for the target source to differentiate between normal IP addresses and proxy IP addresses.
  • No Browser Fingerprints – Intermediate to most advanced, AIO bots are the best at leaving no fingerprints online. Even if there are any, those fingerprints will likely be fake ones. It automatically deletes the data of the web navigators, web drivers (if any), web cookies, and HTTP fingerprints.
  • Human-Like Behavior Using Machine Learning – AIO bots are very clever in mimicking human behaviour, such as mouse movement and typing speed, which makes the target source believe that it is a real human using the service. It also limits the copping of the sneakers per proxy, which helps to remain undetected for longer.
  • Resolving Online Captcha – Online captcha is one of the first roadblocks for any bot. As mentioned before, AIO bots are clever and can bypass these online captchas. But for this factor, users must also put in some effort. From the user side, the task is to reduce the difficulty level of the captcha. You can manipulate the captcha by feeding it with a newly created Google account. Google identifies the account as a new one and makes the captcha automatically easier to resolve.

Is There a Way to Detect AIO Bots?

Detecting AIO bots is difficult. AIO bots are improving a lot these days. Retailers and stores are taking every measure to hard block AIO bots. Bot management tools are also improving to fight against sneaker bots and proxies. These tools are built to analyze the end-to-end traffic from both the server-side and client-side data to distinguish between human users and bots.

All these challenges can be taken care of in the bot management tools. For example, analyzing every request made to the targeted website worldwide can help detect and save the pattern of how the bot differs from the actual humans. This analysis takes place in real-time so that if any abnormal pattern is detected, the optimized machine learning algorithm kicks in and hard blocks the sneaker bot. Remember, all these tools can be run automatically without human intervention, which makes them the holy grail for all sneaker dealers and online retailers.

How to Add Proxies to an AIO Bot?

The popular sneaker bot online is the AIO bot. An AIO bot has an easily accessible user interface and dashboard to track all activity. You can add the new proxies to an AIO in two to three minutes.

Add Proxies to an AIO Bot
  • STEP 1: Get residential proxies. ProxyScrape is the best place to get your residential proxies online. With over 7 million+ residential proxies, you can rest assured that you will not be interrupted when buying a pair of sneakers. All the residential proxies are rotating proxies with a median speed of 1000 ms, so you can deeply mask your IP address.
  • STEP 2: Once you acquire the proxies from ProxyScrape, the next step is to get an AIO bot from the AIO bot website. After buying the AIO bot, open it to see the dashboard. The dashboard will look like the below image.
  • STEP 3: You can add your ProxyScrape’s residential proxies from the dashboard by selecting the “Add new proxy list” in the bottom left corner. You will get a new window to add a new proxy list with any name. The window will look like the image shown below:
  • STEP 4: Add a new proxy list with IP addresses. Once you add the necessary proxies, click “Save” to save the list. You can then name the list with any name you want.
  • STEP 5: Once you add a new proxy list, you can review it in the dashboard, as shown in the below image. NOTE: You can edit the list by using the “Actions” command in the dashboard.
  • STEP 6: Now you are ready to deploy the AIO bot online to cop a pair, or a few pairs, of your favorite sneakers!

Best Proxy Server for Your AIO Bot:

ProxyScrape is one of the best proxy providers online, with three proxies. Reliable and sophisticated proxy services include dedicated servers and residential and premium proxies. But which one is the correct fit for your AIO bot in order to buy a pair of sneakers for you? Before answering that question, it is best to see what features ProxyScrape provides to see “how to trick Netflix location without VPN.”

Dedicated Datacenter Proxy:

Dedicated datacenter proxies are best suited for high-speed online tasks, such as quickly streaming online data between multiple servers. For this reason, most organizations would choose dedicated datacenter proxies. It is a bit more expensive than other proxies, but the security functionality is exceptional.

Other important features are unlimited bandwidth with concurrent connection, dedicated HTTP proxies, which are flexible for communicating with other online applications, security features, such as IP authentication, and last but not least, dedicated proxies named best for the uptime. ProxyScrape provides 99.9% uptime and ensures you get the best online experience. 

Residential proxy:

The best proxies for residents are residential proxies, which are best suited for high-demanding applications, such as web scraping, SEO analysis, market analysis, and digital marketing. Why are residential proxies considered the best proxy to trick the target server? 

The answer is simple. The IPs of residential proxies resemble IP addresses provided by ISPs (Internet Service Providers), meaning that it can be easy to trick the Netflix server and say that you are accessing the content from the desired region. Apart from that, the other main feature of residential proxies is a rotating proxy. 

A rotating proxy helps you change your IP address dynamically after a fixed period. This feature makes it difficult for the target server to identify your IP address and deeply mask it. Apart from that, the other features are the same as dedicated proxies, such as unlimited bandwidth and concurrent connection.


1. What is an AIO bot?
An AIO bot is known as an All-in-One bot used for buying a pair, or a few pairs, of sneakers online without human intervention. Usually, it is paired with a reliable residential or datacenter proxy. Proxies help mask your IP address, and the AIO bot will help you buy a pair of sneakers.
2. Are proxies necessary to use an AIO bot?
Yes, the AIO bot will not be able to get a pair of sneakers alone; it needs proxies to hide its IP address. Residential proxies are best suited for AIO bots since they represent a standard IP address.
3. Are all proxies rotational proxies?
No, only the residential proxies have the rotational feature. Residential proxies also have a username and password authentication feature, which is a great security feature to protect your information and help you mask your IP address.


People have started using AIO bots for other purposes, such as getting a discount code and getting sneakers using multiple accounts. An AIO bot provides an excellent dashboard to monitor the tasks running, and ProxyScrape provides an excellent user-friendly dashboard to monitor proxies. An AIO bot is legal to get a pair of sneakers to give you peace of mind. The demand for limited-edition sneakers has skyrocketed. It is now an excellent time to start your reselling business. This article hopes to give information on “how to add proxies to an AIO bot?”