Are you an online gamer frustrated with continuous IP blocks from game servers because you are from the wrong part of the world? However, not to worry. Did you know that you can use proxies for games to overcome such barriers? Furthermore, proxies could help you negate security and privacy concerns that you may confront while gaming.

First, before diving into proxies, let’s provide a brief overview of resources for you to be successful in online games.

What resources do you need for online games?

 In order for you to excel in the gaming world, you need to have a high-speed internet connection along with sophisticated laptops with the latest processors and RAM of up to 128 GB. In addition, to have a dazzling visual experience, you would need graphic and VG cards of supreme quality. 

use proxies for games

Online games had evolved remarkably from when computer and video games ran on Xboxes, TV, or computer screens. The players played against CPU bots by interacting with input devices such as keyboards, joysticks, and mice. 

The latest trend in online games involves playing them in Local Area Network (LAN) to playing against players on different parts of the globe using the internet. You can categorize online games into several categories, like action, adventure, sports, simulations, role-play, etc. With the assistance of powerful Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and carefully built game engine technologies, new games use hi-tech Dolby Digital Surround Sound, the latest WAX effects, and the most remarkable visual effects.

However, with the online restrictions, not every gamer has the privilege to gain this unique experience which I’m sure you as a gamer wouldn’t want to miss out on. After all, with online gaming, you would gain a fantastic experience.

Let’s look at some of these restrictions and their remedy for you to enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

What is a gaming proxy?

As you might already know, every device that connects to the internet has an IP address. Usually, when you visit websites, people collect your IP address through cookies. 

You may have already come across websites that ask for your consent on whether you are comfortable with their cookie policy. Obviously, you may not have any problem with this since you don’t know how websites use your data for marketing purposes.

Data usage and its secureness are a significant concern among gamers in the gaming world. For instance, malicious actors might steal your data and manipulate them. 

Furthermore, specific game servers may block you from assessing game sites based on your location with your IP address. Also, you may experience constant communication breakdowns between your device and the server. As a result, you may lose the game.

use proxies for games
use proxies for games

So, as a result of all such scenarios, you require a Gaming proxy which is simply a high-speed proxy that enables you to enrich your gaming experience.

In the below sections, you will understand why you need proxies for gaming and the advantages of using them.

Why would a gamer use proxies for games?

Accessing geo-restricted content

Suppose you live in China, where a prominent game like PUGB is banned; you will not have any chance of playing it if you’re an avid game fan who enjoys playing action-packed games. Nevertheless, such gamers can bypass the restrictions by connecting to a proxy server in the USA or any other region that supports PUGB.

Not just in countries like China, Iraq, Nepal, or India, which bans regional games, but schools, offices, and other institutions can ban their users from accessing regional games. In all such circumstances, your best bet is to use a proxy server that tricks the game server into accepting all requests from the proxy servers instead of your actual location.

Alternatively, if you travel frequently, a proxy can maintain your location consistent with the gaming server, preventing suspicious activity from being detected due to your travels.

To achieve faster gaming speeds

To gain continuous access to online games, you need to relay digital information back and forth between the game server and your device. However, if your connection is slow or sluggish, you will not gain a complete gaming experience.

Furthermore, you may lose your connection if the gaming server withdraws your credentials, causing your entire gaming experience a nightmare.

But when you use proxies, they offer numerous benefits like P2P sharing and data caching, which you’ll discover below, causing almost 100% server uptime.


If you consider a game like MMORPG, you must complete all the tasks to gain a complete experience of the game. Furthermore, you must satisfy the existing tasks and the most boring ones to level up.

These dull tasks often make the gamer feel like they are slowly grinding to get to the next level. So how about automating these tasks with the use of bots?

This is the beauty of the bots where you can automate them to perform those tedious tasks that you do not feel like doing so. You may get tired or bored doing such tasks, but bots never get tired or bored.

However, when you’re using a bot, you must be cautious that a bot can automate tasks super fast than a human. As a result, the game servers can be suspicious and may block from their servers. 

In such scenarios, using a proxy with a bot would be handy. So even if you still encounter a block after using the bot with a proxy, you can change the proxy. This isn’t simply possible when using your own IP address to connect to the game server.

We will explore this capability with the proxy later on.

To prevent game lags

If you consider a prominent player like Tyler “Ninja” Belvins of Fortnight, his followers usually watch him play live on platforms like Twitch and YouTube.Therefore he requires a fast connection that doesn’t have a higher lag time. But when you use proxies, the lag time between your device and the gaming server will be minimal.  

As a result, the gaming proxies would reduce the loading of web pages which is a considerable setback when playing games.

To connect with other regional players of the world

For better performance, the game servers are dispersed across several geographical regions. So with anyone whose IP addresses lie within that zone can connect to that server. Similarly, gamers may interact with other players in other locations for social interactions or create new relationships.

However, connecting to these servers would be near impossible without proxies as some servers apply geo-restrictions. In addition, your ISP also may impose restrictions when establishing connections to gaming websites. 

What are the advantages of using a proxy for gaming?

Data caching– proxy servers safely store the browsing data in their cache system, which you can access at any given time. It further reduces the lag time and increases the speed, as you have discovered above. Proxy servers ensure the safety of these data as well.

P2P Sharing: When several users in the same network wish to share common files, the users can share the files from an identical peer device rather than having a server as an intermediary between the client and the server. Some proxy providers provide this P2P facility, which you should clarify before purchasing.

Shield from DDOS attacks-Distributed Denial Of Service attacks is a brute force attack where the attacker sends an overwhelming amount of traffic to the victim server up to the level that the server cannot handle. 

As a result, the victim server crashes and causes incredible damage financially to the organization. It’s the bots that carry out these DDOS attacks. Usually, the reverse proxies can protect against DDOS attacks, and this is because a reverse proxy resides at the severs end, which has a wall of shielding against all DDOS attacks. You may refer to this article for further details.

Provides Anonymity: Proxies offer the highest level of anonymity by masking your actual IP address to protect you from malicious attacks and safeguard gamers’ personal information. People can often trace your IP address in gaming and cause security breaches. These include hackers stealing your information, such as contact numbers, bank account numbers, and passwords. However, with the presence of proxies, they could shield you from such security breaches. 

A high percentage of server uptime: Server uptime is the percentage of time the server was up and running smoothly sans any crashes. Many good gaming proxies have a high percentage of server uptime, like 99.998%. This implies slight chances of users missing even single game sessions because of technical deficit in a server. Even when your server is down, you choose to select a different proxy server on another location without any interruption to your gaming session. 

What proxy servers are suitable for online gaming?

There are two proxy categories, Residential and Datacenter proxies which contradict one another. In a nutshell, residential proxies are IPs from Internet Service Providers(ISPs) assigned to real residential owners. At the same time, Datacenter proxies originate from data servers. 

So for gaming, datacenter proxies are ideal as they operate at high speed compared to residential proxies. As I have pointed out in this article, speed is the ultimate factor in gaming.

The destination servers are more likely to block data center proxies than residential ones as they are least likely to suspect the latter. This is because residential proxies belong to real residential owners. However, in gaming situations, you’re most likely to complete the game before the target game server blocks them.

It is undoubtedly due to their high speeds.

You can further classify the proxies into Premium and public proxies. 

Premium proxies- These types of proxies are super fast ideal for gaming. They successfully hide your IP address, and with ProxyScrape, you can get up to 40,000 HTTP/S and Socks5 datacenter proxies. They are also cheaper than residential proxies.

Public proxies- public proxies are freely available proxies. Like any free product comes with a price to pay, they are not safe to use as proxy providers can keep an eye on your actual IP address and the websites you connect to. They’re slow as well, which could increase the lag time.

Please refer to our Premium proxy page for more information on how ProxyScrape can help you with your proxy needs.

In the next section, we’ll dive into why VPN is not suitable for gaming before we wing up.

Why VPNs are not suitable for gaming?

 Like a proxy, A Virtual Private Network (VPN) masks your IP address. However, VPNs are pretty slow compared to fast datacenter proxies that you found in the preceding section due to the high level of encryption that they go through. As a result, it can cause an increased lag time.

On the other hand, with a VPN, your data will pass from one shared network to another with encryption. It can affect your winning or losing the game. 

Depending on your VPN, you may be able to connect to a server anywhere in the globe. After that, you’ll be assigned whatever IP address is available. This implies that using a VPN limits your capacity to modify or even determine your IP address.


We hope you have learned how proxies would enhance your online gaming experience. Some people often play online games as a hoppy whereas others play it as a profession. You’ll have minimal success without proxies, whether you play professionally or as a hobby. It is due to the causes that we have mentioned in this article.

We hope you enjoyed reading the article, and you’ll apply what you have learned here for a better gaming experience.