Whether you are a business owner, a torrent user, SEO person or social media marketer, you can undoubtedly benefit from proxies. These days proxies are of utmost importance because they allow users to perform such tasks which are otherwise not possible.

Using proxies can help you to bypass various restrictions such as censorship and geo-based restrictions. However, there are a plethora of proxies present on the internet. Some of them are,

  • Residential proxies.
  • Datacenter proxies.
  • Shared proxies.
  • Private proxies.

This article will explore private proxies, what they are, how they work, and when to use them.

What is a Private Proxy?

A private proxy plays the role of an intermediary between the client and the internet. Using a private proxy means that the client exclusively utilizes the dedicated IP address at a given time. The private proxy works by running the request through the proxy server (masking the client’s original IP address) first and then only connects to the internet resources to fulfil the client’s requests.

Whenever you are connected to the internet, your IP address allows other websites to track your browsing activities. The only way to get rid of this is to hide your IP address. That’s where private proxies are convenient.

Ensuring Private Proxies

How to ensure that you are the sole user of the proxy? The way to go is  AUTHENTICATION.   Before buying a private proxy, one should choose a proxy provider that provides an authentication system as a part of the private proxies. Two common ways of authenticating private proxies are:

Username and Password Authentication

The widespread method which many proxy users frequently use is username and password authentication. All you need to provide is your login details like username and password to your software. The format of the proxy usually is,

IP: Port: username: password

Although this can depend on the software you are using.

IP Authentication

This method is less common as compared to authentication and username. 

If you set up IP authentication, you will only need the IP and Port in your proxy settings. There’s no need for username and password.  IP authentication uses the IP address assigned to you by your internet service provider (ISP) to authorize your access to proxies.

Once you have a proxy and want to use the IP Authentication method, you must whitelist your IP address- this means that you can access the proxy only from this address only.

Types of Private Proxies

The premium proxy providers mainly offer three types of private proxies that include,

  • Private dedicated IP proxies.
  • Private residential IP proxies.
  • Private mobile IP proxies.

One may consider private proxies as private datacenter proxies, also referred to as “dedicated proxies” to conceal their public IP address. Only one person can use the dedicated IP address to conceal their public IP address.

Private Dedicated Proxies

These proxy providers mainly offer datacenter IP addresses, consisting of the dedicated IP addresses with a stable and trustworthy proxy software that masks the real IP and provides anonymity over the internet.

These dedicated proxies provide the most stable and fast network connections, but sometimes the IP gets blocked by strict sites such as ticketing and sneaker websites.

Private Residential Proxies

These proxies are from a particular home, so when the user accesses a website using these proxies, the website can gets the idea that the request is being made from a home.

Private Mobile Proxies

These types of proxies from particular mobile phones and are associated with mobile carriers. These proxies are changing continuously, so they are very difficult to track. 

Private mobile proxies are considered safe compared to the other types because they have the least chances of getting tracked. 

Each type of private proxy has its uses, so one needs to determine the type that suits the best according to the requirements.

Special Uses of Private Proxies

An important task is to determine the reason behind using private proxies. Some practical uses of private proxies are:


Using private proxies, you can easily access those websites that are restricted in your area. The private proxy provider provides the IP from a location from where the website is accessible, and you will be able to view the content easily without getting banned.


Craigslist is a platform for posting ads used by millions of people to promote their businesses. If you want to boost your international business and promote it outside the country, you can use private proxies for that case. However, if you’re going to post an ad from another country without being filtered, private proxies for classified-ads sites are the best choice.

Rank Tracking

Private proxies can be of massive help in the rank tracking of various websites. Rank tracking tools are beneficial for SEO and online marketers because they can measure particular keywords’ strength. Finding the most effective keywords for SEO can be done effectively using rank tracking tools.

Why Should One Use Private Proxies

Secure and Private

  • The main advantage of using private proxies is that they are, in fact, private, which makes you the sole user of that proxy.
  • Using private proxies gives you a higher security level by ensuring no risk of having your personal information compromised.
  • They always hide your real IP address by showing up a different IP address. Residential private proxies add an additional layer of privacy, making it seem like a regular internet user is browsing the internet.

Variety of Locations

  • Private proxy providers usually provide IP addresses from multiple locations. This allows you to access the unavailable content in your area, such as using a US proxy to access the US’s content while sitting in some other country.
  • This can be very handy for multiple occasions. For instance, if you want to get local SERP data or target websites that use geo-blocks.

Amazingly Fast

  • Since private proxies are only assigned to a particular user, there is very little bandwidth overloading.
  • Private proxies are more trustable and reliable than shared ones, and in many cases, they provide unlimited bandwidth.
  • The internet speeds will be extremely high if a private datacenter proxy is chosen because they generally have a fast internet connection.


In this article, we have seen what private proxies are, how they work, and how they can add value to individuals’ work and businesses. Private proxies came up with many benefits, but the main downside is that they are more expensive. But they are worth it to buy and use if we consider their pros.

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