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How to Choose the Right Proxy for your project

Are you struggling with choosing a suitable proxy for your business or personal need? This can indeed be quite challenging, with tons of proxy providers out there claiming that their solution is the ultimate in addition to the various types of proxies. However, do not worry. We are here to help you choose the suitable

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How to Set up and Use a Proxy Server on Android

When talking about VPNs, proxies, and other ways to hide your identity online, many people only discuss how to do it from a computer. However, the conversation should be geared more toward mobile devices.  For a while, mobile traffic has dominated the Internet. Nowadays, people spend 3.6 hours browsing the web on their mobile devices, and

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iPhone Proxy Settings: How to Set up & Use a Proxy Server

More than 250 million people in America are active smartphone users, which amounts to 80% of all people in the country. Did you know that almost 50% of them are Apple users? That’s right. Currently, there are more than 113 million iPhone users in the US.  Many of these users want to visit any website they want, whenever

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How to Set up & Use a Proxy Server on Windows 10

Open the windows proxy settings by clicking here or simply search for “proxy settings” in Windows. Once the proxy settings are open, enable the “Use a proxy server” inside the settings. Finally, put the details of your proxy inside the “address” and “port” input field and click save. Now all the programs on your windows

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How to Set up & Use a Proxy on Google Chrome

Most articles will suggest you change the windows proxy settings to use a proxy on Google chrome. The problem with changing your windows settings is that all programs will start using the proxy you have configured. This article will explain in a few simple steps how to use a proxy on google chrome without changing

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